Video games

By Otis Spunkmier


This report is all about a special piece of technology called Video Games. OK lets get down to business, I am going to tell you every thing you want to know about video gamesÉ games, systems, platforms, even moms approval if you want to know every thing about video games I suggest you read this report now, not never, not later NOW!   Ok letÕs get down to business.  You will find out what it is, its history, and maybe what it does JK I will tell you what it does.       

What it is or does



Are they cool? Yes they are awesome I asked at least 40 people and they all agreed that video games are cool and over 70% of America plays video games. Some of my personal favorite video games are halo 1 and 2, mercenaries, Jak and Daxter


Does Mr. Welch use them?  According to him he plays them some times, he says he bad at them.


Are they bad?  Sometimes, according to Nathan Jones of he says that many video games contain violence, drug use, blood and gore, and bad images of all sorts and kinds. That you should really only play the games that are on your age group level rating or lower he would not suggest playing games .,/m too mature for you.


Do they break? Most defiantly my game boy broke cause I dropped it and my cousins Xbox got a virus and Xbox gets sent back broken Xboxes all the time.



Can handicapped kids play them? They can play them with a few acceptions only if they can use there hands and can think properly donÕt let them play killing games or they will think it is ok to kill even normal people you have to be careful with some times. 

How it works



Do they cost money?  Yes my Xbox cost about $149.99 plus tax (which is dumb I might add). And a new Wii cost $250 and donÕt even get me started on PS3 they are $600 CRAZY!!!


Are there chips? Yes all they games boyÕs games are in chips I have memory chips in my Xbox and I have a potable chip that hold certain memory that I donÕt want to loose on my game progress.

Are there disks? Yes my Xbox takes disks and all play stations do to even the handholds do to, there are smaller disks though. Most video games are disks accept Nintendo they some how stuck with the chips maybe they know something we donÕt like they last longer, they wonÕt get scratched, or something like that.


Do they have controllers? Yes I have bought several they donÕt work for ever I have to replace them every few months like I just got 2 new ones, and some advice donÕt get wireless unless they are the Xbox 360 ones they are the best.

Can you use joysticks with them? mostly on PC games like flight simulator, you can do car games on the PS2, I have flight simulator 2004 and I uses a joy stick.

History or Future



Do moms approve? My mom approves on most games but my mom doesnÕt have a say for every one some of my friends cant play rated T games (T for teen) thatÕs probably why they canÕt play them but I can play most M games except for some I can play halo 1 and 2, all the Tom Clancy games.


Are there ratings? Yes there is M for mature and T for teen and E for every one, they all have age groups E 8+ T 13+ M 17+ but I play all of them. According to, ŌThe United States Truth in Video Game Rating Act (S.3935) is a bill introduced by Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) on September 27, 2006. The act would require the ESRB to have access to the full content of and hands-on time with the games it was to rate, rather than simply relying on the video demonstrations submitted by developers and publishers.Ķ


Are they in color? Yes I have never played black and white games they do make them though cause they do it for effect like sky captain is in black and white and it was made in 2005 they do it for a good reason.

Can you do illegal stuff on them? Yes I know people that have done illegal stuff to their Xboxes I wonÕt name names though I know you can make it so you can download games onto your Xbox like you can rent a game and you can

Will they take over the world? No I donÕt think so if we keep them less realistic then people wonÕt think they are so real so they will tell the difference on witch is real and just a mirror video game.


There are different types of systems.  According to Adam,  there are many systems for it, such as PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox and more. I also have some different systems of my own Xbox and a game cube and some others. J


In conclusion, you might think video games are just a fun waste of time, or you can look at them as the Devil (which I highly doubt), or you can just not care (which you shouldnÕt). I hope you enjoyed this report and you will share it with others so it will become famous and I can win 1200 trillion dollars for it(which I probably will just so you know). 





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26 april 2007

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