Do you wish you could have wireless Internet without leaving your house?  Well your wish has come true, there is a device out there, and its name is Wi-Fi!  Wi-Fi is a cool wireless Internet device that you can put on your laptop and it will connect you to the Internet! And you can connect it to other stuff, too!  This AMAZING report is going to tell you what it is or does and everything else you need to know about WI-FI, and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J  It’s awesome, my dad has one!! J

What it is or Does

How cool it is.  It is wicked cool!!!  It can do more than getting Internet, it can get mail, it can fit in your pocket, and it can come in different colors, brands, and types. 

Hacking wi-fi.  WI-Fi gets hacked a lot and sometimes not a lot.   Like this person got in the guy’s car and got into his laptop and hacked his Wi-Fi.  Later the guy that hacked into the other guy’s Wi-Fi went to JAIL! :-) L I read it from http://www.sptimes.com/2005/07/04/State/Wi_Fi_cloaks_a_new_br.shtml you should check it out

Connectivity. Wi-Fi is very connective.  It can connect to other stuff.  For example the PSP can get Wi-Fi, and some cell phones, etc…  I got from howstuffworks.com 

How it Works

How does it work?  Wi-Fi is very similar to GPS.  It has like mostly all the things GPS has, I don’t know all but I know one.  It uses the tracking device thingy to locate where you are so it can get the Internet from outer space.  I got from howstuffworks.com of course.

What power can it use?  It can use all types.  Like battery power, and electricity power, and all of those amazing things.  It tells you on Wikipedia or howstuffworks.com


The cost of a wi-fi are very different, it depends on the brand or type.

How much does it cost? The cost of a Wi-Fi is very weird, it goes to $75 to $200.  Cheap and not cheap.

Is it guaranteed?  Yes, according to the website above ^ you can type in “Is it guaranteed?”  And it will tell you.

How much does a wi-fi modem cost?  It is the same of how much the Wi-Fi costs.  I got all of this on verizonwireless.com 



Who invented it?  According to Wikipedia, a smart young (well not that young) woman invented it.  She’s cool.  I got this on inventers.com



In conclusion, you might think of GPS as an electronic navigator.  [Review Main Ideas].