Cell phones

By Um Boy


Did you know cell phones can kill you!? Well they can! Read all about it in this report.  DonŐt worry its still cool in lots of other ways.  Like Iphone and GPS phones and the really cool sliding slivers!  But because it is a report I have to give you some info like who invented it, how it works, what it is`, and who invented it! See you soon! J

 What it is and does

What the heck is a cell phone!? Well a cell phone is a cellular telephone that you can use practically anywhere! It is a Cellular Telephone that


How it works

How does it work? Well the cell phone sends signals to a cell phone tower and then the cell phone tower connects to the telephone lines.  According to the Government between the tower and the telephone lines there is a place called MITSO.  ItŐs a place where the signals are sent to the telephone lines.

Is it dangerous?  It can be if you have thousands strapped to you and you having a conference call on every on of them then youŐll die of radiation.  Also if you dial on the cell phone while driving that can be a hazard.  According to cutomeraffairs.com people dialing on the phone cause over 50 percent of crashes.  Cell phones also cause over 60 percent near wrecks.



Who invented the cell phone and when? Martin Cooper invented the first cell phone.  He invented it in April of 1973.  Wikipedia says that Star Trek inspired him to look in to wireless telephones.  First it was big and clunky but now itŐ sleek and small. I love cell phones!!!!!


In conclusion, you might think of Cell Phone as a great blessing and extremely convenient gadget!