Air Bags

By Someone Special


This report is all about a special piece of technology called Air Bags. Do you know when an air bag was first used? Who invented the air bag; did you know he was a psycho maniac? Just kidding. In this report you will learn how air bags work, what happened in the history of air bags, and what an air bag is.

History or Future

There are many things that happened in the history of air bags. According to Wikipedia, John W. Hetrick first invented the air bag., in 1952.  The first actual air bag used was in the airplanes in World War 2. After that then they were tried in cars. The first car to actually use an airbag was the Oldsmobile Tornado in 1973.The Porsche in 1987 was the first to use passenger and driver air bags. The public actually uses an air bag in November of 1973. If you knew any of this before you read it you are really smart.

Now many new rules and ideas have been made. Now it is actually illegal to drive a car without an airbag. Some cars even have eight airbags. Air bags have advanced in many different ways according to Marshall Brain. I think our car has six air bags but I really donŐt know. So we are not breaking the law.

What is A Air Bag

       An air bag is a bag that inflates in a car and helps you in a crash.  Air bags help a lot because they stop you from hitting into something hard and keep you positioned. Air Bags are very important in our lives today they have reduced the risk of people being injured by 30% according to Marshall, Brain. That is how they have helped us. I have never actually had an air bag inflate in my face.

        Today Airbags are normally used in cars. Some cars even have eight airbags. They have really improved air bags, they have saved up to 10,271 lives, according to Marshall, Brain. Sometimes you can actually be hurt if you are not old enough to be sitting in the front where air bags are. You are supposed to be twelve years old to be able to sit in the front. You can also be hurt if you are to close to the air bag when it inflates. That is why you where a seat belt. My dad had a car crash and an air bag inflated in his face. He said it kind of hurt.

How Do Air Bags Work

An air bag is a supplementary restraint system. According to Marshall, air bags inflate when you run into something at 10 or more miles an hour. Then the air bag has a crash sensor that sets the air bag off. Then nitrogen gas which is a mixture of Freon, heated air, carbon dioxide and a mixture of water and potassium, inflates the airbag it inflates a lot faster than regular air that is why they use nitrogen. Then if you slowly push on the airbag it will deflate thru little holes.

Why do we use air bags? We use airbags for many reasons most of them are because they make driving a lot safer for every one. According to Marshall, Brain it reduces the risk of being injured by 30%in the front seat and in the passenger seat by 27%. Now since people have been a lot safer it is required to have air bags in cars. They have also saved 10,271 lives as of January 2003, maybe even more.


In conclusion, I hope you have learned a little about air bags. And maybe you like learning stuff about things that you use in your life.