By: Mike Wasosky


          Would you like to be able to watch any TV show from anywhere?  Would you like to watch shows that maybe you missed because you were at the store?  Well, now you have a chance. WeÕre going to talk about using it, buying it, and even how it works.  That is going to be hard to cover, but weÕll do it anyway.

History & Future

The inventor of the DVR is an interesting person. According to the book of records the inventorÕs name of the DVR is Bernard Mendalman, he was really young probably the youngest to invent anything.

When was the DVR made? LotÕs of people say that the DVR was made in a year or to ago, but that was only the old version they invented the DVR in the year of 2000, well the DVR was made in 2000 but it took a whole year to put it in to public in 2001. 

How can the DVR be improved? The DVR is probably as good as it can get but some people e think it would be cool if you could download it from anything like a palm pilot and other things like that.

When was the first DVR put out for the public? The first time that the DVR was put out in the public was in 2001, but it was made in 2000.

Using and Buying

The price of DVR may surprise you. Lots of people say that the DVR is a rip off, but actually it is about as good as it gets. The DVR only costs 50 dollars without extra parts of course, but sometimes-in places like France and places like that it can cost up to 500 dollars, and that is a lot.

How long does it take to build the DVR?   According to my dad it can take forever to build the DVR.  Well if you build it yourself it usually takes up to 5 days, but if you buy it at a store it will only take about five minuets to hook up, but if you donÕt have a good brain to hook it up call the cable man.

Where was the DVR invented?  China said that they build almost everything, and that is kind of true. The DVR was built in China, just like all of the other things in the world.

Where Is the DVR mostly used? The DVR is used in many places but the main place that they use the DVR in is for instance the bank for security reasons, but still that is not the only thing it can do.


How it Works

How does the DVR work? According to my boy genius brother, the only reason that the DVR works is because of a metal platform inside of the DVR that bounces digital particle light images around to display the picture, at least it can do something exciting.

What is inside of the DVR? There are lots of wires in the DVR but the thing that is most important is the metal platform that I talked about before that bounces the image around, without that you probably just have an old pile of junk, but that is what my dad always says about anything.

How many videos can you burn on to a DVR? You can burn only about 5.1 digital images on to one DVR, but in my brain I think that is a lot.

What it is or does

             This report is all about a special piece of technology called DVR.  The DVR is something that is very useful like with the bank so you can play back and other things like that if some thing like a robbery happens.

              What does DVR stand for? DVR stands for digital video recorder, but it has another name that is shorter which Is DV it stands for digital video.

                What does the DVR do? The DVR is a device that makes it so you can record a channel from live television and fast-forward and rewind it, but as I have said, it is used for a lot of other things like security polices.

How does the DVR help? The DVR can help in many ways but the main way is used to help at homes for security reasons, and in banks and other places for security reasons.





Did you learn what you needed to learn? Well I think you have learned all that your brain can handle, and plus thatÕs all I really researched. Once you get cooled down, go to a library or just on the internet, and research about the DVR.  Like my mom says donÕt judge a book by itÕs cover, and that goes the same way for DVR just because it sounds weird donÕt be afraid to learn about things you donÕt know about.  So get out and go learn!




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