Hybrid Research

By: Locutus Chevok


Do you know what a hybrid car has in common with a flower? If you think they both smell good, you’re wrong.  If you think you can buy a dozen of them for your mom, you’re wrong.  If you think you can drive them both, you better stop watching Sponge Bob and start reading my report.   In this report you will find out what a hybrid car is.  You will see how one works.  Finally, you will learn what they can do.  You will be amazed.


What is it?

What is a Hybrid Car? A hybrid car is a car that runs on two different sources of energy. They come in different designs, and colors. According to the Macintosh dictionary the word Hybrid itself means “A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.” Hybrid cars most commonly runs on both fuel and electricity, and the dashboard gauges tell you how much battery you have left. The approximate annual fuel cost is $1,173 it sounds like a lot but its really not because if you divide that by 365 (the amount of days in a year) its about $3 a day, and that’s if you even use the gas engine, The average price of a hybrid car is $15,175 witch is pretty good.

 How it works

How does it work? Like I said, Hybrid means it takes two different kinds of energy it merges the energy into each other to make a more efficient engine. The electric engine can charge two ways, one is with kinetic energy, which means as long as the wheel is turning the battery is charging, and the other is solar energy, the light is taken in with solar panels inside the headlights so you don’t have to be at home to plug it into the wall so you can charge it.

What it can do

How does it help? Hybrid Cars are a help to both fuel consumption and pollution in the atmosphere. The battery can be used without the gas powered engine so that means that when the gas tank is empty you can still, It can go about 550 miles on if the gas and battery are completely full, because of the way it charges.



So you might think of Hybrid as a half electronic car with cool stuff like kinetic or solar charging. Review Main Ideas. Oh and by the way this is how hybrid cars have to do with flowers.

According to bctheorganicway.com “Hybrid Seeds result from the breeding of two different plants to produce a single more economically viable plant, varieties with a longer shelf life.  They are rarely stabilized, thus do not produce savable seed of their own.  This forces the farmer to buy new seeds each year.”





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