Nuclear Energy

By Ariolus


How can so much force be packed into one bomb? Well, it uses a special force called nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is very powerful. You will not believe how much it can destroy. Nuclear energy could be the end of mankind (Do I have your attention now?). It could also be the start of a brand-new, long, and very advanced future. It all depends on how you use it. In this report, you will learn how nuclear energy works, its history, and some very interesting facts.

How it Works

Ever wonder how nuclear energy is made? Well, here’s how. According to Thinkquest, Nuclear energy is an energy source, just like coal or oil. There are 2 ways to make it. One way is to split large nuclei (plural for nucleus), which releases energy. The other way is to combine small nuclei, which also releases energy. *See Picture*

Nuclear Energy can cause lots of things; both good and bad. Nuclear energy can be used for many things. One of which is energy to keep the world running. Another is to destroy large areas. People use nuclear bombs, or atomic bombs in wars. These bombs are powerful enough to destroy a whole city.

Have you ever wondered how the sun shines? . With the help of Thinkquest, we can learn that the nucleus (a part of an atom) has a nuclear reaction, which creates light. The sun has nuclear reactions, too, which is why the sun is so hot and bright.


Nuclear energy has an interesting history. It begins like this. Did you know that Henri Becquerel was a French scientist who accidentally discovered nuclear energy in 1942?  Well, somewhere on Wikipedia, someone knew. While Becquerel was studying a chemical in uranium salts, he accidentally discovered radioactivity. Remembering the work of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, Becquerel wrapped a fluorescent mineral in ‘photographic plates’ and black material to prepare for an experiment in bright light. This led to his discovery of nuclear energy. *See Picture*

Here’s how the nuclear, or atomic, bomb began.  Thinkquest has told us that Thomas Edison had the idea for the atomic bomb, using fission, and he gave it to President Monroe, who used it in the war. He later regretted it, though, because of how much damage it caused. The first atomic bomb was launched on August 6, 1945 when the U.S. dropped a bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.

Interesting Facts

Nuclear energy can be very useful and helpful. According to Thinkquest, Nuclear energy can be a very good thing. It is an energy source, but it is different than coal or oil. It doesn’t pollute the air. Also, if we could control the energy, we could probably start a very advanced future.

Nuclear energy also has a downside. Thanks to Thinkquest, we now know that with nuclear energy, its ‘downside’ is a ‘negative leftover’, or nuclear waste. It is very radioactive, which makes it extremely dangerous. If your skin were to make contact with it, you would become deathly sick and most likely die. That is why they have radioactive waste yards. It’s like a junkyard for radioactive chemicals. However, there will soon enough be no more room for these waste yards, and the radioactive chemicals will get out and cause a deadly plague, such as in 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which killed hundreds of thousands of people.


Now you see, nuclear energy is really cool! Now you know how nuclear energy is made, the history of it, and some interesting facts about it. Now you can go tell your friends about nuclear energy!

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