Smoke Alarms Research

By:  Viego Amigo Montaro


Have you ever wondered what you do once your smoke alarm goes off?  Do you panic? Nooo!  Read this report and find out.  Also find out many more things about smoke alarms.  Like if your kids are playing with matches you know the real reason your smoke alarm went off.  You will learn what it is or does.  I will teach you how it works.  Finally, you will be amazed by its history and future.  Find out in this report!

What it is or Does

What do you do when your smoke alarm goes off?  You are instructed by to get out of the house and call the fire department so they can come and check it out.  Make sure to have all your children out of the house.  And please do not be alarmed.  Just stay calm if your fire alarm does go off. 

         Are there any smoke detectors that can detect poison?  Yes there are.  It says in that some smoke alarms can detect carbon monoxide.  If you think there is some chemical gas inside your house or you think some one is trying to kill you, then you just call poison control and make sure you get out of the house.  It is dire that you get out of the house, especially if there is gas in the house. 

Is there anything that a smoke alarm canŐt detect?  Yes there are many chemicals and gases that it canŐt detect.  So you have to have good noses to sense the gas.  Just joking.  Do not inhale the gas. tells makes a list of all the chemicals a smoke alarm canŐt detect.      

How it Works

         How does the smoke alarm work?  When enough smoke is in the house, some of the smoke enters into a chamber in the smoke alarm.   A laser inside the chamber senses the smoke then it goes off.  I donŐt know if the sound is very loud but I am sure that it is loud so you can hear it.

         Should all levels in the house have a smoke alarm on the ceiling?  Yes.  It is important that everyone in the house should know of a fire.  Have you ever wondered where you smoke alarm is on your level.  It is a good thing to know.

         Does smoke alarms use batteries?  Yes they do.  They use nine-volt batteries.  What do you do to keep it running?  You change the batteries each year and dust it often.

History or Future

         When was it invented?  The idea was first brought up in the 1940Ős in Switzerland.  Then it was developed and official in 1967.  It says that in Oak Ridge Associated University.  Why was it invented?  To save peoples lives and to alert them if there is a fire in their house.  Who invented or developed the smoke alarm?  BRK Electronics developed it in 1967.  BRK Electronics is a company.


In conclusion, you might think of smoke alarms are pretty boring but they can save your lives sometimes so be grateful!




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