My iPhone Report

By Beatris Spunkmire


Do you want an iPod? Do you want a phone? How

About you get an iPhone.  The iPhone combines lots of amazing technology into one thing, the iPhone. Want to learn more? Do you wonder about its history or future?  Do you want to know what it does?  Do you want to know how it works? Read my report and learn more.

History or Future

         When will the iPhone come out?  The iPhone is coming out June 11. Steve Jobs is already using the iPhone and the FCC hasnŐt approved it.  Steve Jobs was at his kidŐs soccer game with an iPhone in his pocket talking to someone and using the touch screen to call people. 

What it is or does?

          Is it better than a PDA?  Yes the iPhone is better than a PDA because it has a touch screen so you donŐt have buttons to take up space.  It can take pictures, play music, it has GPS, Internet, mobile phone, and 5 day forecast e-mail and maps.

How it works?

          The iPhone   has to batteries, one for the phone and one for the iPod.  It uses one battery for each so when you listen to music you wonŐt use up the phone battery.  The phone battery will last up to 5 hours and the iPod battery last up to 16 hours.

How much are they?

          The iPhone is $599 for the 8 GB. You can buy the iPhone at these places:  Cingular, eBay, Radio Shack and more. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading my report and learned more about the iPhone.













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