By: Berlinkus Bernard


Two years ago, when you first told your friend that your iPod holds 200 songs, were they amazed?  One year ago, when you told someone your iPod Nano holds 1,000 songs, were they amazed?  Next June, what do you think your friend’s face will look like when you tell them your new iPhone holds 8,000 songs, 12,000 contacts, 4,000 pictures, 10 movies, and you can talk to your grandma at the same time?   If you would like to know more, read this report.  You will soon find out what an iPhone is.  When we’re almost finished, you will want one so badly, that I will then teach you how to buy one.  Let’s get started.

What is an iphone

What is an I-phone?  According to Apple.com It is an I-pod, cell phone, and P.D. A. pretty cool huh? Yea I know! But any who… Since it is a p.d.a.  it has internet service, a daily organizer , calendar, camera, video  and pretty much anything you need! And because it is an Ipod it can hold all your music and Itunes. YAY!




The Iphone uses the same kind of technology as a cell phone, I phone…And P.D.A. To make all of this tricky baseness work they have shrunken all of these to work together in one cell phone. (Apple.com)

Buying and purchasing

Want one yet?? Well then you are in luck! According to apple .com…you can you by one at almost anywhere… that is once they come out! Wal-Mart, any Mac or apple store, or a singular store. Usually found in a MALL! When can you buy one? June 22 only 1 more month! YAY!! Then the I

Phone can be all yours! So hang tight!                  How much will one of these suckers cost? About 500-600 dollars so it’s going to take you a month to save up enough money to buy one! (Apple.com)


So now you know it’s no longer a secret! The I phone is pretty much the Super Man of cell phones the Man of Steel of P.D.A.s and the saving grace of Ipods! Only one and that’s pretty much all about I phones! (apple.com)




what is an iphone


 Nancy Gohring

what is an Iphone

 April 24.

it just talk about what an Iphone is. It is a pda, cellphone and ipod. It all so tells you the weather every morning and many other things!!




Matt stoller

Why you cant get an iphone


Ok so this guy is just nagging about why you shouldn’t get an iphone. But his reasons are kind of unconvinceing,like the services that come with the iphone(verison,cingular)are not the best. But whatever!!


how much dose an iphone


Eric Bernatchez

Would you buy an iphone for 500$

April 26

it just talked about what the iphone has to offer and how much it will cost.