Nuclear Power And Nuclear Weapons



Have you ever had fun blowing up a small rock, or a small house, or what about a small planet?  It is true that nuclear power has enough energy to blow up our planet.  In fact nuclear can blow up all of Japan with only three bombs.  But donŐt even think about doing it.  If you think that is interesting wait until you find out what nuclear is and how it works, the history of nuclear, using nuclear, and the cost of buying nuclear  

What it is and how it works

         Nuclear power is really interesting. According to Wikipedia, nuclear power is a great and powerful power that is electric energy generated using heat produced by an atomic bomb.  It has a certain process that keeps it going and it is way more powerful than normal everyday power, IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

       What exactly are nuclear weapons? According to Wikipedia, nuclear weapons are a miraculous and very powerful weapon that can blow up anything, well pretty much everything.  In fact that is how we ended World War 2, we used nuclear bombs and then the Germans gave up.

         Nuclear power has a very miraculous system.  According to middle bury education center, nuclear power plants that provide the power have a certain process that makes certain electrons (chemicals) hit up against each other to create great and powerful nuclear power.

The History

Nuclear doesnŐt have a precise discoverer.  According to Wikipedia, fission, (which is in nuclear) was discovered by many different German scientists.  There were many different people who helped with research.  Not only were there Germans wanting it there were many others such as Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassman, Lise Meitner, and Otto Robert Frisch.  All of those different people wanted more powerful power.

There is a great reason why they wanted to discover it.  According to William Eardly, the main reason was because people knew that it was very powerful.  Also according to there research, when it ran in power plants, it did not make the air as dirty and un safe as our every day power does.  Those are the MAIN reasons.

Why would they want to put it into weapons?  According to William Eardly, they put it in weapons so that they would have wonderful and very powerful weapons.  Nuclear helps bombs explode better; also it makes a greater explosion.

Nuclear was discovered quite a long time ago.  According to Middle Bury education center, the power of nuclear was discovered in the 1900Ős. They say that physicists discovered it.  And then 1939 scientists from Germany found out how nuclear power really works, so they put it into cities for a power process, and also they put it into weapons when they found out how powerful it was.

Nuclear weapons

There are a lot of different types of weapons. According to Wikipedia, there are a lot of different types of nuclear weapons; there are different types of bombs and guns.  Also they put nuclear weapons into submarines and in machine guns.  Also they are trying to make guns that are 100% nuclear power.

Fusion bombs are made out of interesting chemicals. According to Wikipedia the chemicals that are in fusion bombs, are, (light nuclei) deuterium and tritium (isotopes of hydrogen).  There can be more chemicals mixed in to either make it less powerful or more powerful.

Nuclear weapons are so awesome. According to Wikipedia, nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapons in the world.  They are really powerful.  They are so great and they have many different chemicals that I talked about in the last paragraph.

Nuclear bombs work about the same way as nuclear power does.  According to how stuff works, it pretty much works the same as nuclear power does.  The way a nuclear bomb works is miraculous.  It has certain chemicals that react with each other.  It is so cool to see an explosion because they are very big and bright.  When the chemicals become hot, then all of the different chemicals react and rub up against each other to make explosion.


Nuclear costs a lot of money it will cost more than it does now in the future.   According to Middle bury Education Center it will cost 2 times as much as it does now if we start using it more.  That is awful because on another website (Wikipedia) it says that nuclear costs a little over 10 billion dollars, which means if we use nuclear power a lot later in the world then nuclear will start costing a little over 20 billion dollars.  That would most likely mean that they would make taxes more. 

How much does the most expensive nuclear weapon cost? According to middle bury education center, it is over 18 billion dollars.  That is in a certain part of the world where they use 60 percent nuclear power.  The website did not tell were exactly in the world.  An average nuclear weapon costs approx. 1,000 dollars.


We do not use that much nuclear power in the USA. According to Wikipedia, we use about 15% of nuclear power in the USA overall.  But yet some states get more power than others.  That is cause there are more power plants in some states than in the others. 

There is a good reason why we only use a certain amount of nuclear power.  According to How Stuff works, we only use 15% because nuclear power is really powerful so we do not want to use too much.  Some scientists believe that if we were to use too much, then the power plant will blow up in a great explosion.  That is why we only use 15% nuclear power.

Nuclear power is used for some things that you might already know.  According to Wikipedia, nuclear is used for many different things, such as, for power, for the army, for more powerful guns, and many different things.  Nuclear is going to be used for different things in the future or at least people are coming up with ideas for nuclear in the future.

There are many different things people and places that use nuclear.  According to Wikipedia, The army, air force, military, are the main users of nuclear.  They mainly use nuclear weapons. The other users of nuclear are almost everyone in the USA.  If you use an average amount of power every day, you are using about 2-5% of nuclear power.  Nuclear power is used all around the world.  There may only be a few countries that do not use nuclear power such as Africa.

There are quite a few nuclear power plants in Utah. According to Think, we have approx. 50% of the power plants are in Utah.  That means we must not have very many power plants in the whole USA cause in Utah there are only about 1,000 power plants.



I really hope you learned a lot of stuff about NUCLEAR.

I am so happy that nuclear was my technology and I really enjoyed it.  I hope now you know about what nuclear power is, how it works, the history of it, Nuclear weapons, using nuclear power, and what it is like for government to buy nuclear power and weapons.








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