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If you would like to have a better chance of living, you really, really need to read this. If you are out driving on a slick road, and you werenÕt paying attention, what would you do if there was a stop sign, you press on the brakes, and slid into the car that was stopped and waiting for the other car to go. Or would you rather get Anti-lock Braking System and slam on your brakes all you want but all you will do is, you will slowly, slow down and not slide or crash into any car in front of you. In this report you will learn how it works.  I will teach us what it does.  Finally, I will amaze you with the history or future of ABS.

How it works

 When you hit on your brakes, with a normal set of brakes, they lock up. But according to road safety, if you have an ant-lock braking system, it makes it so that it cushions the brakes by pressing the brakes then lets go then presses on the brakes again and again until you let go of the brake. The anti-lock braking system has to have some way of knowing when the car is going to lock it's brakes. So the speed sensor, which are on each wheel.

What it does

According to acronyms the free dictionary, the ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking system.According to roadsafety what the abs does, is it helps people so that they donÕt hit the brakes and slide into an obstacle or so that the driver doesnÕt run into the person if front of them.

The ABS is a really cool braking system and it would probably be used the best in a country that had allot of snow or ice.

The ABS helps the world, to not get in car wrecks as much as often as they usually would.

History or future

 The ABS was invented in 1928, which was a big improvement. According to Wolfgang, The man who invented the Anti-lock braking system is Fritz Oswald. He isnÕt very well known but that doesnÕt mean that the anti-locking brakes arenÕt used or well known. Back when there was no ABS many people didnÕt know that if they where to press really hard on the brakes that they would slide, which they discovered over the years, then made the ABS. Since the ABS was made many, many lives have been saved.


According to Wolfgang, and acronyms the free dictionary and road safety. The ABS is a great and trustworthy braking system, like if you go driving on a slick road you might be saved by this awesome, awesome thing called the ABS. the ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. You might think that a normal set of brakes will do ok on ice and stuff but if you think that it is the best you can get,É you where wrong. The ABS makes it so that when you slam on your brakes, you slowly slow down and not slide as much. I hope you enjoyed learning about how it works, what it does, and its history/future.  The ABS was invented at 1928, it wasnÕt that long ago but that doesnÕt mean that, not very many people use it, if you think thatÉyouÕre wrong!!!!!!!