Night Vision



Have you ever wanted to see in the dark? If you do then, read on. You will learn were to buy them who found Infrared Vision, if animals use night vision, how Night Vision works, and then you will be smart.



Who found Infrared?

Infrared light was found by, Sir Frederick William Herschel, in the 1800Õs according to Bryn Mawr. At first he was studying the temperature of each color of the spectrum as light passed through a prism. During his experiments Herschel discovered two trends first that the thermometer placed in the color was greater than the controls and that there was a temperature increase from violet to red. This was how infrared light was discovered and the beginning of Infrared Vision or Night Vision.

Do Animals use Night Vision?

Some people wonder whether animals have night vision or not.  The answer is yes, they can, according to, Teachers, many animals use night vision.  These animals are called nocturnal animals. Some of these animals are Tarsiers, owls, raccoons, cats and other animals. These animals wake in the night and creep around the place. This is where we enter the life of the night. Have you ever wondered what a sound outside your window at night is?  Well IÕve got the answer.  There the nocturnal animals just walking around seeing perfectly in the darkness. Creeping and hunting for prey smelling you out not even worried about losing there way. That is what its like with night vision. Only you can see without the hunting, and you can see farther.

Do these Night Vision Objects really work

       You might be wondering whether or not night vision really works well according Jeff Tyson they do work you just know how to do it.

Who uses Night Vision?

Have you ever wonder how we fight a war in the night?

 Well according to Tyson Jeff yes the military does use night vision and they need it. In fact Night Vision objects were made for the military Ôs use. Without night vision they wouldnÕt be able to see the enemy in the dark to know were to fire. This is how night vision helps so many people it can even help you. All you would have to do is look through those goggles, riflescope and other night vision objects.


       Now you are smart you now know how we win are wars, if animals use night vision, and who discovered infrared light. I hope you have enjoyed my report. See ya later!!!!








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