By: Bobert S. Fred


Have you ever wondered how you could organize your day, each day, forever?  Well, I know how to do this for only the price of $200-$500.  In this report you will learn about a PDA’s history, about it, and what it is or what it does. You can find more information on the Internet at How Stuff Works.com, Carman Carmack, and Craig Freudenrich.               


Who invented the PDA? The first people to ever invent the PDA, was the company Palm.  On the Internet you can go to Medscape.com and you can find other information like how they help nurses and other things.  This can all be learned at the website Wikipedia.

When was it invented?  Carmen Carmack, Craig Freudenrich and How Stuff Works tell you that the portable computer was invented in the mid 1980’s. 

Can PDA’s be used for space applications?  The PDA can be used by space applications.  According to the website Science Daily, “Their current and future uses for PDA’s have demonstrated current and future uses for PDA’s on board the International Space Station.”


About it

What does it PDA stand for?  Wikipedia lets you know that the PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistance.

Is PDA the only name it has?  PDA also has the name of Palm Pilot.  This is all learned by Carmen Carmack and Craig Freudenrich at the website How Stuff Works.com.

What is a PDA for? The main purpose of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is to act as an electronic organizer or day planner that is portable, easy to use and capable of sharing information with your PC. It's supposed to be an extension of the PC, not a replacement.  Carmen Carmack, Craig  Freudenrich, and How Stuff Works will also teach you all of this exciting information. 

Is there only one type of PDA?  No, there is more than one type of PDA’s.


What it is or What it Does

What is a PDA?  A PDA is a mechanical device used for organizing.  Many people buy them so that they can have their day all organized, so that they don’t forget anything that week or anything like that.

How do you use a PDA?  You use a PDA by

What is it made of?  A PDA is made of

How big is it?  The PDA is about the size of a deck of cards


In conclusion, you might think of PDA as a device used as an electric device used for organizing.  And that is exactly what it is used for.  Many people like to put their schedule, so they can look at it, and remind them at whatever time they need an appointment.  Also many other people



















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