By Super Dog


Did you know this paper is about Hybrid Cars did you know that the brakes charge the batteries and they save pollution if you are tired of dead birds read my report and find out! It will teach you about what it is and does.

What a Hybrid Car is and does

The paragraph is about what the hybrid car is.  According to Mr. Welch A Hybrid car is a car that has two powers combined in to one power and keeps the car going. ItÕs half gas and electricity. The car is very expense. Some Hybrid Cars are not even going to be made like one I saw it had three wheels.      

What Hybrid means.  According to Mr. Welch Hybrid means to powers combined in to one power. A funny ways to see it is football the two ways are the arm power (the throwing) and the leg power (the running). Well I think that Hybrid is too funky of a word because it doesnÕt make that much science to new people. Hybrid cars are really cool any ways!

What it does. According to Mr. Welch itÕs a gas saver da. You have way better gas mileage and you save a lot of money. ItÕs a lifesaver to some people. But not that much of one. So the gas part is the bad part but the electricity is. But it wasnÕt just that it was a bad & good thing!



       Do you know when the first 4-door hybrid was invented? According to, the Toyota company invented the first 4-door sedan.  So, I think it is really cool.



In the future I want a Hybrid Car.