Cats, cars, and goggles

By Panda girl



What do cats, cars, and goggles have in common?  Give up?  What if you were on “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”  What if the $1,000 question was, “What do cats, cars, and goggles have in common?”  What will you do? Read my report on night vision to find out what night vision does, other stuff that uses night vision, and a little history.


What Night Vision Does.

Do you now what night vision does? No? Read my paragraph to find out.  

According to Mr. Welch, Night vision is a dive that let’s people see in the dark because the army people were shooting people on their team. An example is hunters need light to see at night so they by night vision to hunt. Anther example is if cars don’t have night vision, some one is going to get hurt because the people will get hurt. High-spec Night Vision technology has already brought huge benefits to the military and more recently to the media with wartime reporting and wildlife programmer.        



This paragraph is about what other devices use NV.  According Jeff Tyson, did you now that there are night vision cameras and what uses it? Read this paragraph to find out. Well, helicopters, planes, cameras, goggles, cars, security, headlamps, and more much more.



This paragraph is why night vision was invented.

   Why was night vision according to Mr. Welch because army people were accidentally shooting people on their team so night vision was invented.        


So is night vision cool or what? You decide how ever just read my report.