The Awesome Robots!!

By: Soccer Star


Robots are awesome!!! They do everything like baby-sit and other stuff. There are other reasons they use robots is to defuse bombs and other stuff. If you donÕt think so read the rest of my report after this report you will start to love robots. I love robots they are awesome and cool they really are. I am going to about what a robot is, does, who uses it, how they work, history of it, and what they are.

What a Robot is and Does and who uses Robots

A robot is like a trip to Hawaii.  According to Mary Bellis the word robot comes from robata, which means something I canÕt remember IÕll tell you later. A robot is programmed to do stuff that a person would not want to do. Robots are the best that is what I think and a lot of other people do as well. A robot is programmed to do stuff that people command them to do. Like making my bed, making me breakfast, feed me my breakfast, or do my homework or something like it. They are also made to do stuff when a person is too lazy to do it or it is do dangerous like defusing a bomb or something like that. The people that use robots are NASA, most people and a lot of others. Some MillionairesÕ use robots and maybe I could as well. Anyone can use robots it is just natural. Robots are like a trip to Hawaii because you donÕt have to do a lot around the house or anywhere there is one.

 How a Robot works

This is a paragraph about how a robot works.  According to Mary bellis a robot works by using a remote control. The remote control is special because with out the remote the robot could do nothing but sit there and that would be boring to look at. (True with out the robot the remote control would be nothing. So you need them both.) A robot uses batteries for its energy. It also can use solar power (I thinks its awesome. Do you?). A robot can use basically use anything it wants to. A robot has a lot of parts but I am going to talk about the body first. The body is the main part of a robot. The body of the robot has everything in it without it the robot would be of no use. Now lets talk about the legs. The legs are pretty important to just not as important. The legs help the robot move from place to place trust me. Now lets talk about the arms. The arms help the robot pick up stuff. Now lets talk about the head. The head has a lot of stuff in it too just like the body. It has a video camera so it knows where it is going. That is how they see. That is all the important parts. Lets move on. A robot works with night vision. A robot can use wi-fi as well. A robot that has night vision can see in the dark with out crashing into something. The wi-fi robot has fewer wires than a normal robot. They can be controlled from the Internet. It is awesome.

 History of robots

This is a paragraph about the history of the robot.  According to the robot was invented in the 1970Õs. The robot is a great thing of technology that helps us and other things like nurses and other people. Robots are a great thing that is why so many people use them.

 What robots are


This is a paragraph about what robots are.  Robots are mechanic machines that help people do stuff. They also do stuff that people donÕt want to do like doing their work, doing their homework and other stuff. Robots are made of motors, chips, and bolts. That was my paragraph about what robots are.


That was my report on what a robot does, is, and who uses it and the other stuff it takes to much time to type. I hope you liked my report. Thanks for reading my report.