` To Get One Or Not To Get One Hybrid Cars



 Do you believe there is a Car that uses as much gas as a lawnmower? I do. You think IÕm crazy well IÕll tell you one thing I am completely sain.  This report tells a lot about the Hybrid Cars like why you might want one or not.  By the way youÕll have to read the rest of my report to find out if IÕm lying or not.

What it does and how it works

Hey read this paragraph to find out what the Hybrid car does.   The Hybrid Car is a car that uses less gas.  The car can use one gallon of gas and go up to 45 or 50 miles.  Did you know that Hybrid means two sources working together.

This ones about how Hybrid Car works.  The Hybrid Car uses two sources (Hybrid) gasoline and electricity, so it uses less gas so itÕs less harmful to the environment!                          


Hey is on the history of the Hybrid. According to modernracer.com the Hybrid Car was invented in 1903. Ferdinand Porsche was the inventor of the hybrid.


Listen to find how little gas goes into a Hybrid Car.  So do you think a car can use less gas than a lawnmower I didnÕt until I started researching the Hybrid Car. The Hybrid Car is really cool because it only needs a very small amount gases so while you pay a lot less for gas it also helps the environment now IÕm a tree huger I love the environment and everything in it so if I were you I would and will bug my parents until they get one.             

 WhatÕs so surprising about the Hybrid Car, you ask? Read this paragraph to find out.  According to Mr. Dude.   When you press on the brake, let the heat and friction from the brakes charge up the hybrid's battery.

Wanna know how the Hybrid charges its battery. According to Mr. Welch.  Plug it in when you park it.                                          (VERY ANNOYING--It's how they did it in the old days.)             

Let the car's generator charge up the battery while youÕre driving.                                                                   

(This is how a normal car charges its battery.)                            When you press on the brake, let the heat and friction from the brakes charge up the hybrid's battery.                                     (It is so cool!)   

The word ŌHybridĶ what does it mean?  The word Hybrid means to sources working together kind of like breakfast. You see if you eat just eggs then youÕll run out of eggs. But if you combine bacon then youÕll have the perfect combination and you save a lot of eggs.


Hybrid Buses? What? According to HybridCars.com Expensive new hybrid diesel-electric buses. That were portrayed by King County Metro as "green" heroes that use up to 40 percent less fuel than existing buses, and they have definitely fulfilled that promise. 


Hybrid Cars are so cool I really really want one theyÕre so helpful to the environment. The only question is, are you going to get one or not.