Keep Your Money in Your Wallet
with A Hybrid Car

By cool cheese


If you are an adult you have to worry about bills, children, and jobs the last thing you want to worry about is spending so much money on gas for your car.  Did you know that it costs $150 to fill up a normal gas tank three times?  ThatŐs a lot of money.  Would you rather spend money on gas, or buy a brand new 4GB Nano iPod?  If you would rather spend money on gas, you donŐt need to read this report.  If you like listening to music on a cool iPod, you should read this report to find out how to save money on gas.

What is a hybrid car and what does it do?

The hybrid car does many things. A hybrid car is a car that gets way better gas mileage, helps you save money, and pollutes way way less. Another good thing about hybrid car is the battery every single time you put you foot on the break you charge the battery!!!!


 How does a hybrid car work. A hybrid car works like any other it has seat belts etc. The hybrid car also saves you a lot of money. The hybrid car has two engines one of the engines is powered by gas, and the other is powered by electricity. Sense there is two engines you donŐt have to pay as much money on gas!! In any other car charging the battery is not very convenient but in a hybrid car all you have to do is step on your break. [It is way more convenient then the other cars.] 


The hybrid car stands for...The word hybrid means to sores of power. For example Ballroom is a hybrid because you are moving your legs and using your mussels to stay in dance position. So a hybrid car is hybrid because it uses electricity and gasoline.   

 How it Works

The hybrid car uses gas and electricity that work together.  The battery will connect to the electric motor than the gas tank, which will connect to the gas engine. The two sources will work together to make it so the car will pollute less and save you a lot of gas money! 

 Inventions that are hybrid but not hybrid carÉ The hybrid car is great but there are other things that are hybrid and still good.  One thing that is hybrid but not a car is an electric scooter is hybrid because you use your foot to push off and electricity to drive around. So like a hybrid car it is using two sources of power. 

 History of the hybrid car

The History of the hybrid car will have you saying Victor Wouk (The inventor of hybrid car) According to, Victor Wouk was born in New York City. (1919-2005) He got a bachelors degree from the University of Columbia in 1939. At first his idea did not respond, but his believed in him and help him create a created a company and it got better.