The wonderful ABS Invention

By: A Girl



Most people think ABS can only be found on cars.  Well, they are wrong.  Lots of other vehicles have ABS.  For example, there is a vehicle that travels 400 mph that uses ABS.  Do you know what vehicle that is?  You’ll have to read my report to find out. Also in my report you will learn about ABS and what it is, what it does, about who uses ABS, how it works, and lots of other things that you did not know about ABS.

What ABS is and Does

What in the world is ABS? First off ABS stands for Automatic Braking System. ABS helps so that when you need to make an emergency stop in bad weather or just normally you will not slide! Before they had ABS you had to pump your Brakes and there was always a chance that you would crash into the car in front of you. If I was racing a famous racecar driver he could die because he does not have ABS so even a normal car, like me can stop better then him. According to Kathrine ABS was designed to help you maintain directional control during emergency stops and when road conditions are poor. By maintaining control, you have better chances of avoiding a crash. ABS helps so much to avoid a crash. (




What does ABS Do?  ABS can stop your car quickly and safely, no matter where you are. ABS makes sure you stop safely rather dying in a car crash like people who don’t have ABS. So if you were skidding your brakes would make sure that you stop safely. You should never pump the brakes your self, because ABS is pumping it self so if you pump too your brakes will lock up and you will slide. For example, yesterday I was in a car accident and my mom slammed on her brakes and used ABS, our car is still able to drive but we still crashed.  It was really scary! Nobody got hurt but I am glad we had really good brakes.


Who has ABS besides me? Almost every car in the US has ABS. No one knew about it and then we people started hearing about it from T.V. commercials and other people, so they wanted it. And then more, and more of ABS cars were made so, they got so popular and now almost everyone has one.

 How ABS works.

 How in the world does ABS work? How ABS works is really easy. First ABS is located right in front of the drivers seat. So that when you press the pedal the sensors in the back of the car tell ABS “You better do your job!” So, ABS makes sure you stop safely and make sure your brakes DO NOT lock up.

Things to know about ABS.

       There are some important things you need to know about ABS.  According to Charles Ofria, when turning the ignition switch to the on position, the amber BRAKE, ANTILOCK or ABS light on the instrument panel should glow for a little while, and then turn off. If this happens, that’s good.  If the light stays on or flashes, or comes on while driving, it indicates a fault in the ABS system. This is bad.  If this happens, go take it to a professional, or look at the owner’s manual. ( 

 What vehicle travels 400 mph?

This paragraph is about what other vehicle has ABS.  It is true that other vehicles besides cars have ABS. Now the vehicle that travels 400 mph and uses ABS is an Airplane! So it is not only a car that has ABS But there could be lots of vehicles.


If you have read my report then you will now know some things about ABS. You can also learn about how it works. In this report there is one paragraph that tells about to do if something is wrong with your Brakes that is one of the paragraphs I like because it tells you what is going to happen and then you know how to fix it.