The awesome power Of ABS brakes

By rabbit rabbid


  Have ever got in an accident and the person crashed into you and you couldnÕt dodge it? Read my report for away to fix that. IÕll tell about how ABS works. If you donÕt mind dieing donÕt read my report. This will teach you all about ABS brakes.

What ABS does

ABS helps people stop their cars faster. According to ardiment popa, ABS is a great system.  ABS helps people stop their car faster.  People buy ABS because it helps them stop their car faster.  On a snow day and the roads are slippery and you didnÕt have ABS your wheels will lock up and you would slide into a tree or something and you would die.

ABS DOES NOT lock up your brakes. According to Mr. Welch, ABS when you slam on your brakes it doesnÕt lock your brakes. If you didnÕt have ABS there would be a 25 present you would crash and die. If you did have ABS there would be a 75 present you would crash and die.    

ABS has four main systems. According to Karim nice, They are speed sensor, pump, values and controller. The speed sensor

So get ABS brakes, NOW!!!

Oh, a sorry about the NOW!!! Part, but just remember about what I taught you. NOW GET ABS!!! I MEAN IT!!!