You will die with out ABS 

By Mac and cheese


How would you like to be in an airplane, going 260 mph and have to land on an icy runway?  Can you imagine that airplane trying to stop on ice?  The airplane would slip and slide and crash.  If you donŐt mind dying, you donŐt need to read my report.  But, if you would like to live, you will want to find out what ABS is and what ABS does and how ABS works.

What ABS is and does

This paragraph is about ABS and how it works. According to Marshal Brain ABS is a braking system that is good for snow and helps you stop faster. It pumps your brakes so you donŐt slid and crash and die Especially in the wet slippery ice snow.

This paragraph is about ABS and what It does                                                      According to Marshal brain that Instead of locking your brakes ABS helps you so you can stop easily and safely so the ABS pump and pumps and pumps tell your car is safely stopped and it makes your brakes never lock.

This paragraph is about ABS and how to operate it                  

Lets say that there was a terrible snow storm and your driving and you donŐt notes a stop sigh and you have to slam on you brakes  [you press your brakes to make ABS work if it is installed] and they pump to stop actually

How ABS works

ABS History

Why was ABS invented    According to Wikipedea It was invented (This is just what I think) I think that they invented them because people kept on crashing so they made ABS and became riley popular and they saved a lot of people. 

Is ABS as popular as HD-TV? I think that it is popular to people that donŐt want to die but for people that donŐt care if they die. So I think that everyone loves his or her life then I think itŐs pretty popular. 




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