All the secrets about night vision!!!!!!!!!!!!

 By Harry potter   


  Night vision is a really good device that lets you see in the dark. LetÕs say that there was some thing in youÕre back yard if you had night vision you could see what ever was in youÕre back yard. Night vision can be really helpful. If you keep reading you will find out what night vision is and does, how night vision workÕs and who uses it.

What Night Vision is and does?

 What night vision is and does. According to Julia Laton night vision is a device that letÕs you see in the dark. They look like goggles but they let you see in the dark. 

How Night Vision WorkÕs?

Night vision can pick up the thing that catÕs pick up its called inferred. According to Mr. Welch Inferred is a light that helps you see in the dark. The stuff that is red is hot and the stuff that is green and blue is cold.

Who uses night vision?

 The people that use night vision. The people that use night vision are hunters and mountain men.  Hunters use them for when they are hunting at night.  Also, policeman use night vision.  They use them for all kinds of stuff. If some one robs something at night they can see them.