Are you tired of glasses or contacts? Get LASIK!



LASIK is an eye surgery that helps you see with out glasses or contacts. It is an amazing invention. If you want to read some super duper gross stuff, you are welcome to read my essay if you want to. IÕm going to talk about that LASIK is good, and how LASIK works and last but not least the history of LASIK.

What LASIK is and what it does to you

LASIK is good, good, good. According to Mr. Welch, It is something good, not bad. LASIK is an eye surgery that helps you see better. And then you wonÕt have to glasses or contacts! (That is so cool!) Any one can use LASIK. LASIK stands fLEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01or, the L stands for laser, the A stands for assisted, the SI stands for situ, and the K stands for Keratomimleusis. (That is a very hard word!) (


How LASIK works

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Have you ever wondered how LASIK works? According to Mr. Welch, how LASIK works is they use cut off the raw part of the eye, and shape it the right way. The way they shape the eye is they use a laser and cut parts of their eye. Well they num youÕre eye and putt you asleep while the doctors do the surgery. (


History of LASIK

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01       This paragraph is why doctors made LASIK. According to Mr. Welch,  the reason they made LASIK, is because it helps people see with out glasses and contacts! After the doctors are all done you can see with out glasses or contacts like you have never ever had glasses or contacts before! It is very, very amazing! And what stinks about glasses is lots of the time (youÕre glasses get dirty and you have to wipe them off over and over again, plus they fall off a lot too sometimes. I am very glad that I donÕt have glasses!! (




       This is why I think LASIK is way awesome but very, very, very scary, but if youÕre tired of glasses of contacts you might as well just get LASIK!! I hope you liked my reportJ!