The Amazing Robots!!!

By The Super Super Super extra popular extra beautiful Coolest Person In The World!!! 


If you and your family were going to the statue of Liberty. You were amazed about the height when you finally got on top of the statue you saw some one leaving a bomb inside it. All the cops come over they had a robot that could do this very dangerous job. But the Robot is very smart and saves the day. Robots can do dangerous jobs so if you want to learn more read my report. It is about what a robot does, and how does a robot work. 


What A Robot Does

Robots can do some amazing things.  According to Tom Harris, they can do dangerous and boring jobs (like my homework).  They can help get

rid of dangerous things like bombs that have not yet exploded.  I think that would be scary! They can help with cars and go to Mars (hey, that rhymes), and so many, many, many, MORE delicate jobs.  When I say a delicate job, I mean like a robot that puts together iPods.

Have you ever wondered what robot means. According to Larry Johnson, You are probably wandering what the word robot stands for. Well it stands for a Czech word ‘robota’ that means drudgery. Drudgery simply means very, very, very, VERY boring. So you can tell why they let robots do the boring jobs.

Do you think a robot can dance According to Annette Lamb, a CREATOR: XV Version 3.10a+jp5.3.3  Rev: 12/29/94  Quality = 75, Smoothing = 0
robot can dance they have axially made a new robot that is a little yellow ball and can dance let and right and can turn.

How Does a Robot Work

This paragraph is about what a robot has. According to Mr. Welch, It has cameras and microphones instead of eyes, and ears. It has arms, legs and speakers instead of a mouth. A Controller instead of a brain. It has electricity instead of food. That is all I know. 


Well that is all I can know about robots maybe next time we can talk about iPods.