Hybrid car the electric/gas vehicle

                                     By: Spy CHEESE


      Do you like cars?  But you hate paying for gas.  Well then you would like this one kind car but you still have to pay for gas but not that much.  Well that car is the Hybrid car and if you would like to know more about the Hybrid car then read my report.  And you can learn what hybrid cars do. The history. And some other cool things.

What Hybrid car is and does

This paragraph is about what Hybrid car is.  It is a car that uses two sources power and that is electricity and gas.


         This paragraph is about what Hybrid car does.  The Hybrid car safes you money for gas and protects the habitat for us because it does not use that much gas.


This paragraph is about who uses the Hybrid car.  The people who uses them are usually the people who can afford them or if they want a quiet car.


What makes it run?  It has the gas tank the battery and the engine. 

History of the Hybrid car.

When the Hybrid car was invented?  According to http://www.hybrid-cars.dcsventuresinc.com/who_invented_hybrid_cars. HTM. In 1893 the first hybrid car was invented?





Who invented the Hybrid car?  In 1893 Robert Anderson invented the Hybrid car.

Other Ideas

Do you now how to charge a Hybrid car battery?  Did now that the only way to charge is when you’re diving and you stop on your brakes and that charges it.


Hybrid car is the car you need if you what save the environment and it uses less gas then other cars.