The success of the money saving relieving  

Hybrid car

By obi one Kenobi


        Did you ever want to save money on your cars gas read my report would teach you what a hybrid car is and does.  I will teach you why it was invented and how it works how it works did you know the hybrid car is cool it can go fifty miles a gallon.  If you want to save money then read my report if you want to spend tons and tons of money each two days donÕt read my report.

What a hybrid car is and does

Software: Microsoft OfficeThis paragraph is about what a hybrid car is and does  according to jim walknetsky

A hybrid car is a car that is powered with two things. Hybrid means that two powerÕs put together. Like when youÕre flying a kite. You use both wind power and running power same with hybrid cars they use gasoline and electricity. Which makes it not have to use as much gas. It can go fifty miles a gallon. The hybrid car is not normal. That is my paragraph about what the hybrid car is and does. 


Why was it invented?  This paragraph is going to be about why they invented the hybrid car. Well I think it was because the people felt bad that you had to pay $60. just to get ten gallons of gas. When you have a hybrid car it will most likely be $3.00 or less. So they went into action and made the hybrid car. When they made it tons and tons of people wanted to bye it. That is my paragraph about why the hybrid car was invented.

  Was it called something else when it was being made?


How it works

How it works. According to Mr. Welch, first the gasoline there is a gasoline engine in the car. Which makes it have to not use that much gas. That is with every car. But it also has electricity. Which makes it not have to use that much gas. it is so special because. It has two power sources and it is very very fast.  It can go up to 50 miles pr gallon that is cool. It may be bad that your electricity bill will go up. But your gas money will go down. This is my paragraph about the success the hybrid car. (




This is my report it was very interesting about that the hybrid car has two power sources. And that is can go fifty miles pr gallon