(And saves your money)

By:Xango ZangaX  


Do you like food? Well, you canŐt buy food now because you have to spend all your stinken money on gas for your car. I am going to tell you what it is and does, how it works, and the history of it. I have something that will solve it, but you have to read the rest of my report to find out what it is.

What Hybrid car is and does.

This paragraph is about Hybrid Cars. Hybrid cars have two sources of power. The two sources are half gas and half electric. The half gas holds 60 miles. The electric power has 40 miles. So, if you have 20 miles to work and 20 miles back you might never have to use the gas tank. 

This paragraph is about what hybrid means. Hybrid means two sources of power. So, if you have like a mo-ped it has the same thing half gas and half electric power. So, if you have any thing that has two sources of power it is a hybrid.

This paragraph is about who uses Hybrid cars?  The people that donŐt want to spend too much money, and that donŐt want to put air pollution in the air.

How a Hybrid Car Works.

This paragraph is about how hybrid cars work. In the olden days when the electric power went out you had to plug it in and it took forever. Now when you push on the breaks it will charge the battery instead of plugging it in.  

History of Hybrid Cars.

The inventor of Hybrid Cars!!!! According to the inventor of the battery for a hybrid car, Alessandro Volta said that he invented it in 1800Ős. Toyota is honoring Volta by naming the first high-performance hybrid vehicle in his name. The Volta is powered by a V6 with an electric motor on each axel. The engine provides 408 horsepower and allows the car to travel 435 miles (700 km) on a 13.7-gallons (51.86 liter) tank. 


I hope you think over my report and consider buying a hybrid car. It would do a lot to our environment and save you money.