You want to see in night -- use Night Vision!

By Rock and Roll Man


Have you ever ran out of battery for your flashlight, what would you do? Will you go buy them? Or go buy Night Vision? My vote buy night vision! Well I have to tell you about night vision. This report is about who uses it and what it looks like.

What Night Vision is or Does

This is about Night Vision and what it looks like. According to Mr. Welch, Night Vision is a device that you put over your eyes and you can see when its dark.  Some are big and bulky, but some are as thin as a centimeter.  They have a centerpiece, like a glass, that you can see through.  A few examples are cameras, goggles, cars, scopes, etc.

This paragraph is about who has to use Night Vision.  The army and hunters use it. The army can use it for war. Hunters use it for hunting. They use it to hunt deer, bear and raccoons.

How Night Vision Work

       Did you know that there are three kinds of light?  According to Mr. Welch, there are 3 kinds of light. There is visible light (see the picture below). That's the light that humans can see. There is Infrared Light. That's the light that cats and raccoons (etc.) can see. Then there is ultraviolet light. That's the light you can see in spook alleys if they have a "black light" turned on.  So, the humans can only see with visible light.  Since weÕre not cats, we canÕt see infrared light.  Since we donÕt usually carry a black light with us, we canÕt see ultraviolet.  So, to see in the dark we need night vision.


In conclusion I have to say that Night vision is the best thing to use. Thank you for reading my reportJ!