I canÕt stop watching HDTV

By Zrxty Yo

What do you know about HDTV?


Have you ever had a candy bar that tasted so good, you just couldnÕt stop eating it?  Well, I know of a TV that is so good, you canÕt stop watching it.  Did you know HDTV has a smoother, clear screen--you just canÕt stop watching HDTV!  Also, did you know iPods have HDTV? If you want this paragraph to end and you want to be cool then read the rest of my report.  It will teach you what HDTV is and does, how it works, its history, and some surprises.


What it is and Does


What in the world is HDTV is, and about. According to Julia Hall, HDTV is High-Definition, Television, it is like a normal television but has more pixels. The reason they invented HDTV is because people canÕt see so well because a normal TV has less pixels and it makes the picture look bad.


Software: Microsoft Office What does HDTV do. HDTV makes the screen looks more smother and has awesome, sweet, and a good looken awesome picture, it also has less channels but it looks so good.


Who uses it HDTV? The people who use HDTV are the people who are tired of their old, busted and lame TVÕs and they want to see a better picture with more pixels and dots.   

 How does it work?


How in the world does HDTV work? ,  According to Susen Moses, HDTV works by three cables or weirs, one for red, one for green and one for blue color information and another thing it needs a lot of data and it gets it from does three weirs.

History about HDTV


 Why would they make HDTV? ŌJulia Hall says,Ķ Why did they make HDTV well IÕll tell you the reason they made HDTV is because people were to tired of there old and boring TV, and didnÕt like their old TV picture so they made HDTV which stands for High Definition-   Television and it has about TWO MILLION PIXLES.


Who knows when they started to sell HDTV?  According to Julia Hall, the year they started selling HDTV was in 1998 for 5,000 or 10,000 dollars



What in the world is wrong with HDTVĶ.  Trace V. Willson says, ŌDid you know that HDTV has fewer channels, but it still has a good picture? 


This paragraph is about what other things have HDTV.  Did you know that iPods have HDTV, did you know that other music portable players and other game stations have HDTV.