I Can See Clearly Now I Had Lasik Done


By monkey wizard


Do you have contacts or glasses? Do you just want to eat more carrots to have better eye sight now you can it is called lasik. Lasik is a sugary that can fix your eye and shape it. My report is about what lasik is and does, what it stands for and even itÕs history!  Do you know what Laser-assisted in Sitsu Keratomimleusis well if you donÕt youÕll have to read my report.



What Lasik is and does

You will not believe what LASIK stands for. According to the FDA, Lasik stands for Laser-assisted in Sitsu Keratomimleusis.  What in the world does that mean?  Well, the Laser-assisted means they do the surgery with lasers. The Sitsu Keratomimleusis means to cut the eye.  Do you think that hurts?  DonÕt worry.  It doesnÕt. They put your eye to sleep.  ItÕs basically like numbing the eye or putting your eye to sleep.



Lasik does things that you wonÕt even believe.  Lasik helps your eye see clearer and shapes your eye. People that have glasses or contacts can get lasik so they donÕt have to glasses or contacts.  Now lasik is a laser surgery that helps your eye see clearer and better so you wonÕt have to wear glasses.  That is what lasik does and is.







Do you know how lasik works?  First the lasik doctor will just take you in and then they will numb your eye so it wonÕt hurt then start working they cut a corner of your eye then they fix it and they put it back the reason they cut a corner of your eye is because your eye is not shaped right. 

You cannot believe the history of lasik.  This paragraph is talking about the history of lasik.  There were no tools to fix the eye back when there were Egyptians, Greeks or Romans but did you know that they started to have tools to fix the eye in about 100 B.C isnÕt that cool.


 There is my lasik report now you know what lasik stands for and what it does and is and the history of lasik.