The Service Device

By Fluffy Buffy

The Intro of The Service Device

Do you like to do the dirty dishes?  Do you like to change stinky diapers?  Have you ever wanted your little sister to do the dishes for you?  Have you ever wanted a boy in your class to change your baby sister’s diaper?  Or, have you ever wanted someone to do anything for you that you didn’t want to do?  Well I know something that can be programmed to do that something. Read my report to find out what that something is. Plus what it does, how it works, and the history of it.



What the robot is, does, and where the word “robot” comes from

Do you know what the robot is? I will tell you.  According to Kristine (me), a robot is a machine that does things for its self. It follows the commands that the creator had it do. I sure wish they had robots when Abraham Lincolin was here so the robots would fight. Robots are awesome machines.


What does the robot do?  According to Mr. Welch, some robots are used for doing things that are too dangerous for humans, like checking out a bomb to see if it has exploded yet. Or some robots are used for entertaining us. Or even just to work for us. That would be totally awesome if I had a robot! (


Do you know what the word “robot” means? Lets find out. According to Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, the word “robot” comes from the word “robota” meaning “drudgery”, “work of a villein” in literary Czech and “work”, “labor” in literary Slovak.  And that’s what robot means.  So, from these words, we could guess that a robot helps with boring stuff, evil (or dangerous) stuff, and work.  (

 How it works

Let check to make sure that we do know how the robot works.  According to Tom Harris, the robot works with a control panel, which is where the creator puts the instructions in, meaning what the creator wants the robot to do. Then after the robot is put together, you put it to the test. If it works then you can use it for entertainment, working or do dangerous things. (


Do you know what kind of energy a robot uses? Hope this paragraph will help you learn. According to Mr. Welch, a robot uses electricity for the energy. For example, to move around, for the senses, etc. Electricity is important for robots to work. (


What kind of things can a robot connect to? According to Mr. Welch, there are many things that a robot can work with, but I am only going to name a couple. There is a WiFi robot, computer, etc. (


There are many kinds of parts that robots have that you do know. But do you know these? According to Tom Harris, many robots have many parts. Like if it were a robot that looked like a human it would most likely have arms, legs, head, and a body. If it were a working robot in a factory it would just have a big, fat, mechanical arm. (


 History of the robot

Who is the inventor of the first robot? According to Paul Guinan, a young man named Johnny Brainerd, teenage dwarf, invented the very first robot in 1893. He called the robot “Steam Man” because steam came out of his head. (


Lets find out what The Steam Man is made out of. According to Paul Guinan, the “Steam Man” was about ten feet in height, measuring to the top of the ‘stove-pipe hat,’ which was fashioned after the common order of felt coverings, with a broad brim, all painted a shinny black. The face was made of iron, painted a black color, with a pair of fearful eyes, and a tremendous grinning mouth. A whistle-like contrivance was made to answer for the nose. The steam chest proper and boiler were where the chest in a human being is generally supposed to be, extending also into a large knapsack arrangement over the shoulders and back. A pair of arms, projections, held the shafts, and the broad flat feet were covered with sharp spikes, as though he were the monarch of baseball player. The legs were quite long, and the step was natural, except when running, at which time, the bolt uprightness in the figure showed differed from a human being. (


Other facts about the robot

Do you know what is considered a robot? According to Wikipedia, a piano player is rarely considered as a robot. A CNC milling machine is very occasionally considered as a robot. A factory automation arm is almost always considered as a robot or an industrial robot. An autonomous wheeled or tracked device, such as a self-guided rover or self-guided vehicle, is almost always     considered as a robot, a mobile robot or a service robot. A zoomorphic mechanical toy, like Roboraptor, is usually considered as a robot, etc. (


What kinds of robots are there? According to Mr. Welch, there are many kinds of robots, but we will talk about three kinds. First, there are robots that look and act like humans. These are robots that have arms and legs and heads, etc. Many of these robots are mostly for fun, but there are a few that do important jobs like office tasks or housework. Second, there are vehicle-type robots. This would be like the Mars Rover robot. It is a small box with wheels. It was sent to Mars to discover what Mars is really like. It is rolling around up there right now! Finally, there are stationary robots. These are machines who do jobs with mechanical arms, but do not roll around anywhere. This would be like a robot that does a single job in a car assembly line. (

What are robots used for? According to Mr. Welch, robots seem very futuristic. However, Robots are being used quite regularly now days. If there is a dangerous job, like checking out a bomb that has not yet exploded, you could send a human to do it, or you could send a robot to do it. Which would be smarter? Also, there are some jobs that are so boring or so precise that it just makes sense to have a robot do it. (

What kind of people use robots?  According to Kristine (me), many people use robots. The army uses robots, toy robots for kids, astronauts use robots, technical surgeons use robots, also lasik, and many, many more people use robots in their everyday life.

The conclusion of the service device

So if you don’t want to do anything that you don’t want to do. Get a robot to do it. No more changing diapers or washing the dishes. Make your life much easier! Go and get a robot (RIGHT NOW!) Hope you liked my report!

Good Bye!