Get rid of your servant and get a robot   

By: Bdog


Robots are amazing inventions. And IÕm going to talk about it.  Its so amazing itÕs freaky IÕm not even kidding you they look just like a human. If you think thatÕs amazing read my report and IÕll be sharing what the robot is and does, and the history of it.

What a robot is and does

ItÕs so amazing what a robot is and does.  According to Mr. Welch, a robot is a mechanical machine that is run by chips and motors. And the robots help humans out by seeing if the bombs is a dud or not dud or they help out by sticking there hand in acid or getting something by a rattlesnake so the human doesnÕt get hurt like getting venom in there body but the robots canÕt get venom in there body because there protected by metal.


LetÕs talk about where robot comes from.  According to a girl named Tori, the word robot comes from robota. And that means IÕ donÕt know I tell you laterÉ And a robot isnÕt just a mechanical machine runned by chips and motors it also a really good helper. And what the robot does is up there remember I told you. And that pretty much all I can say what a robot does and is. Oh one more thing IÕm going to tell you who use robot scientist use robots, armies, stores, homebuilders, companies, and business too well you get the point IÕll just say a lot of people use robots. And why a lot of people use robots because their helpers they help do dangerous stuff so the humans donÕt get hurt. And thatÕs what I have to say about who uses robots.     

How do robots work? How do robots work? They work by chips and motors or they wonÕt be able run and all that stuff and it is really awesome how robots work it is so awesome. I wish I could show you a picture how they work.  You would like it a lot thatÕs what I have to say how robots work. And the robots use chips and motors to work if they donÕt have chips and motors they wonÕt be able to run and work. But I wish they could run on something else be sides motors and chips I wish they could run on mud or paper that would be cool because it wonÕt be expensive in the first place you donÕt half to pay to get mud and in the second place paper only cost like two bucks for 100 pieces of paper. And thatÕs cool because you donÕt half to pay any thing thatÕs why I wish a robot could run on something else.

Robots use other technology.  It runs on different technology besides chips it runs on the Internet. And that alls I know about what robots technology. Kay I have to tell you a couple more things the robot has guts I bet you didnÕt know that. IÕll tell what is guts are itÕs all his wires and chips and all that stuff. And why they call wires and chips guts because you know how we have guts thatÕs like what robots have. And who invented the first person to build a robot is Johnny Brainerd he a teenage dwarf and it was built 1839 and they called him Ōsteam headĶ because steam could come out of his head.       

When the robot was invented.  According to Maureen Byko the robot was built 1920 that long time. I bet you the robots that was built 1920 was kind crappy but now the robots are amazing they look just like humans it scary how much they look like humans and what ever you tell them to do theyÕll do it like go get me a fresh coconut. ThatÕs when the robot was invented. And I will tell you who invented it Johnny Brainerd invented it. I wish I invented the first robot.  (


See I told you to get a robot! And thatÕs pretty much I can say about how awesome robots are.