Info/stuff/and awesome things about Lasik

By Rob swortserneieger the 3


If your eye is really messed up then you should get lasik it will help you see. I am going to tell you what lasik is and does and much more.

What lasik is and does

This paragraph is about what lasik is.   According to lasik is a laser eye surgery on your eye for people who wear glasses or contacts. Lasik stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, the word keratomileusis means carving the cornea of the eye.

This paragraph is about how lasik works. Lasik has an awesome kit that makes it so you can do lasik by your self at home! The way Lasik works is that the people who are working on your eye cut a lid on your eye [Which could fall off during the process if you move] but it still is connected. Then they shoot a laser in your eye and thatŐs what gives you better seeing abilities. And then when the laser went in to the eye all of the things inside your eye that are making you have seeing disabilities comes out of your eye and then you can see better.

What could happen from getting lasik.  If you scream and move a lot during lasik then you could go blind or your eyes could look really weird. But if you donŐt move and stay ferm then you can get really good vision. Like, my dad got lasik but before he did I saw better then him but then when he got lasik now he sees better then me.  

 This paragraph is about how lasik has improved.

Lasik over time has improved a lot. Lasik used to just cut your eye out and basically diesect your eye. Now lasik uses a laser that they still cut your eye but only the top of your eye THEN they shoot the laser.

This paragraph is about what tools Lasik uses . The basic tools that lasik uses are, the main one is the laser, the other one is the knife, and the cutting machine. The laser does most of the work by getting the bad stuff out of your eye. The knife is not all ways used because they actually stopped using the knife and replaced it with the laser. And the cutting machine cuts the flap.


This paragraph is about complications of the flap. The incidence of flap complications has been estimated to be 0.244%. [18] Flap complications (such as displaced flaps or folds in the flaps that necessitate repositioning, diffuse lamellar keratitis, and epithelial ingrowth

) Are common in lamellar corneal surgerieswer].

 If you want to get lasik



        This paragraph is about how lasik changed.

        Lasik has really changed over time the first time that they did lasik they had to do every thing with one blade. Then they started to use a laser it is much safer to get lasik now.

Something you should know before you get lasik is. If you get lasik tomorrow go to see the person who is going to work on your eye. Because there can be complications just like the flap falling like I said before.

You should get lasik if you have an eye problem because...  For intense if you were in a car and there was a red light and you could not see it then you pass it and get a ticket. If you had gotten lasik you would of not of got that ticket     

This paragraph is about the good things about lasik. If you got lasik then now you can drive easier. AND now you can see better then the people who DID see better then you.

This paragraph is about what are the bad things from getting lasik.  If you have gotten lasik your face can get scrood like that guy with they Afro. Or the flap can fall off in the process. That is what the bad things about lasik.



A few more things about lasik

If you donŐt want lasik I will try to persuade you.  You should get lasik because if you have a seeing problem and you need glasses or contacts you should get lasik. Because it will help you see. Like my dad got lasik and now he can see better than me.

The reason that lasik is because... it is different cause glasses can fall off. And contacts itch or feel weird. But lasik is just a surgery on your eye and then you see way way way way way good.


I hope you learned a lot. I worded way hard to finish. And that is my lasik report.