Forget your flash light thereÕs night vision!


By A super cool person


Throw away your flashlight after you read this paper because this paper is about the good things and bad things things of night vision.  If you want to find out about night vision this is the paper for you because it talks about what it is, does and who uses it.


What night vision is?

Night vision is likeÉ  According to Bellis, Mary a device that lets you see at dark.  And denoting devices that enhance nighttime vision helps people not shoot people on their own team.  For example thereÕs night vision goggles is the one that the army uses. Then thereÕs night vision cameras which scientists and photographers and sometimes 

    Night vision saves tons of peoples lives. According to BMW, the 7series actually save tons of lives because it has night vision. It saves tons of lives.  Like people in the army shot people on their own side before night vision.  ThatÕs how it saves lives. Who uses night vision?

Who uses night vision?

The Army.  According to, the army uses night vision to see and attack the enemy.  It also helps them see the enemy.   And so they donÕt   shoot each other.  ThatÕs one group of people who use night vision. 




ThatÕs night vision.  And what it is, does and one group who uses it.