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Do you want to know how you can see clear again with out glasses or contacts read my repot to find out. In this report you will find out what LASIK is and does. 

What lasik is and does.

This paragraph talks about what lasik is and does.    Lasik is a surgery that can make your eyes see clear if your eyes have poor eye site. It sands for Laser Assisted. Situ Keratomimleusis. Big and long words I Know.


How cool lasik works   Lasik it is high in technology. It peels a small piece of your eye off and puts a laser to the eye and than                                           it shapes the eye. ThatŐs what Marry Bellis Said. I think it would really hurt.  


       Lasik history                



When was LASIK invented? According to khannainstitute 

Thursday, August 18, 2005 that is he day when it was realest. Still lasik it is not that popular.