HDTV The TV That

Rules The World!

By Claire


Think that you are watching your new HDTV and there is some one in your backyard watching it to. Because it is so nice that there are about 30 people back theyŐre just watching your TV. But why would you have about 30 people there. It is all because of your new HDTV. ŇBut why it is just a TV?Ó you think. But if you want to know why there are about 30 people in your backyard. Will of you read my paragraphs to find out?

What HDTV is and Dose?

This is a paragraph about HDTV.  HDTV is a TV that is a new kind of TV that is clearer then a normal TV. Because HDTV is a better bigger a newer then the normal TV. So making the HDTV a lot better.

 Also the HDTV has more hock up places so that you can have more this going on at once. But a regular TV doesnŐt have that many hock ups.

 A regular TV has a lot of dots called pixels. But HDTV has about 7 times more. A regular TV has 337,920 pixies. You add up all those pixies and you get an ok picture. HDTV has 2,073,600 pixies! You add up those pixies and you get a really sweet looking picture.

This paragraph is what HDTV does.  HDTV does lots of things like it can have about 5 things going at a time. So that you can do more things then just one thing.

 HDTV can make a clearer screen then your old TV. It has high definition making like the fastest TV ever. So, another way of saying all this is to talk about "High-def" equipment. This is the short way of talking about any device that uses high definition.

And, (remember all the pixies?) high definition means more pixels for a clearer picture.

Who uses HDTV? People that have a lot of money can buy the big ones. But still the small ones every one can buy HDTV for about $500-6,000 now thatŐs a lot. But it is so wroth it you get about 5 hookups, better screen, and a lot bigger. The HDTV can make a lot of people happy with their new big HDTV. 

What is the difference between a normal TV and a HDTV? A HDTV is a TV that has more pixies then a normal TV. The more pixies the better the screen is. So making it better plus it is newer then the normal TV. A regular TV has about 300 thousand pixies. HDTV has about 2 MILLION pixies. So there you have it the HDTV is a lot better then the normal TV.

 How HDTV works

What else does HDTV have? HDTV has a lot of new things. Like they have made the iHDTV it is where if you have a HDTV you can hook it up to the HDTV and then you can download things from the TV to it.

 They also have made the HDTV DVD player it is like a normal DVD player but better. Plus you can get a HDTV movie it makes the movies better like sound, the pitcher, and there is the actions. When you have a HDTV and a HDTV movie with a HDTV player it is all of those listed things that I have but up there but about 10 times better.

 History of HDTV

How many HDTVŐs are in the US? According to Stephen Barlow, there are more than 220 million HDTVŐs in the United States. I think thatŐs a lot.  The history of HDTV began clear back in the late 1960Ős and 1970Ős.  At first HDTVŐs didnŐt sell that well, but they made them better and so they started selling better in the 1960Ős.



Is that very one has a HDTV so that no one is in your backyard. That they lower the prices for a HDTV. That they make bigger HDTVŐs. That they make all the TVŐs HD so making it the world with HDTV. Also some one might make HDTV cars or things like that. HDTV will rule the world in a littlie bit.