The best car in the world the Hybrid Cars$$$

By Bob Marley


Let’s say you just bought a new Hybrid Car and a robot stole it what would you do. My report will tell you about what hybrid cars do, doe’s, and history of Hybrid Car well read my report to find out more information about Hybrid Car.

What does it do?

This paragraph is about what the awesome

Hybrid Cars do. “According to Julia Layton,” hybrid car is a really good car and it has good gas mileage. There are two energy sources.  You put the together and that is why they call it a Hybrid Car. A hybrid’s two energy sources are gas and electricity. They are pretty cool.  But they are kind of expensive.


This paragraph is about the word “Hybrid.”  The word hybrid means putting two sources of power together.  A funny example of hybrid would be breakfast.  You have the power of fries mixed with the power of chicken.  Like if you have on your


 the fries, you won’t use as much fries.  


History about hybrid cars.

This paragraph is about history about hybrid cars, According to Karim Nice, between 1665 and 1680, Flemish Jesuit priest and astronomer Ferdinand Verbose created plans for a miniature four-wheel unmanned steam “car” for Chinese Emperor Hang His. In 1769, Frenchman Nicholas Cannot built a steam-powered motor carriage capable of six miles per hour. In 1825, British inventor Goldsworthy Gurney built a steam car that successfully completed an 85-mile round-trip journey in ten hours time. (Steamers 666

dominated the automotive landscape until the late 19th century.)



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