Ipods the new generation of music players

By Zoey 101


Can you believe that something so small can hold so much gigabytes well say hello to the Ipod! The music player that can hold lots of music and much more to find out what else it holds read my report but thatŐs not all you can also find out how it works and what it does.

What an iPod is and Does

This is about what an iPod is. According to Mr. Welch an iPod is a small, cool device that is about the size of a cell phone.  However, the iPod shuffle is as small as those little yellow sticky notes.  They come in many colors such as purple, blue, silver, white, green, and pink. You can buy one for $75, or if youŐre rich you can go spend $400 on one single shuffle Ipod. 

This is about what an iPod does.  An iPod can play music do photo slide shows and moreÉ

This is about the word ŇiPod.Ó  iPods are so famous that you canŐt help but wonder where the name ŇiPodÓ came from.  According to Wikipedia, The name "iPod" came from a man named Vinnie.  He suggested they call it iPod because he liked this Science Fiction movie called "2001: A Space Odyssey."  In the movie, they had little white rooms called pods.  So, he thought they should call these new MP3 players iPods.

How an iPod Works

This is about MP3.  If you want to know how an iPod works, then you will need to know what an MP3 file is.  Back in the old days, people starting sharing music files over the Internet.  However, the problem was that the music files were so

Huge that it took a long, long time to download songs.  Someone figured out a way to ŇcompressÓ files so they would download faster.  These compressed files are called MP3 files.  A compressed music file sounds almost like the regular one, but not quite as good.

This is about how the iPod works.  When you first buy an iPod, you need to charge the battery and keep it away from water so your snotty sister doesnŐt get it because she gets mad at you for some reason and pours a cup of water on to itÉ

This is about the different parts of an iPod.  An iPod has several important parts.  First, it wouldnŐt work very well with the battery the hard drive and the pixelsÉ

History of the iPod

This is about who invented the iPod.  Several people helped invent the iPod. But if you want to give credit to one person, then Tony Fadell is your man.  According to Mary Bellis, a guy named Tony Fadell, who used to work for General Magic and Phillips, wanted to invent a better MP3 player. After a few companies turned him down, he went to work for Apple and began working on the iPod (HowStuffWorks.com).  Steve Jobs, the boss of Apple, helped a lot with the project.


This is about why the iPod was invented. In the old days, because the Ipod inventors could not wait so they started making the IPOD!!! Why did Tony Fadell invent the IPOD nano? It was to make more money and because the Ipod loverŐs wanted new Ipods to buy.

What did we learn?

So what did we learn?
We learned out the different Ipods, the brief history of the Ipod, and we learned about the inventorŐs of the Ipod. And here are some pictures of or four different cool IpodŐs