A great thing for your eyes

By: A 5th grader


This great report will be about what Lasik is and does, how is works, what it solved, is it fun, and who invented it.  LetÕs say you are a person who whereÕs glasses and you keep dropping your glasses on the ground or on the street.  It is a real problem to keep your glasses on your face.  It also takes awhile to find your glasses.  Then one day you say to your self, ÒI think I want to get Lasik this week!Ó  If you want to get rid of your glasses, then you should get Lasik.  (That is only if you want to get your eyes fixed.)  

What Lasik is and does?

I will tell you a description of Lasik.  According to Mr. Welch, Lasik is a type of surgery that is done by lasers for your eyes.  People use lasik when they are sick and tired of glasses or contacts.  That is where the lasik comes in.  People can buy a do-it-yourself kit or they can buy lasik so they wonÕt have to do it their self.

This paragraph is what is LASIK. According to Mr. Welch, Lasik is an abbreviation for 4 big long words.  Those words are Laser, Assisted, Situ, and Keratomimleusis.  Would you rather say, hey IÕm having laser, assisted, situ, and keratomimleusis tomorrow, or say, IÕm having lasik tomorrow.


Why do people use lasik?  According to Julia Layton, Lasik is for people who canÕt see clearly.  It feels like you are looking through binoculars that are unfocused.  When people donÕt want to where glasses, they buy Lasik.  After the surgery is done, if feels so much better when it is done.       

 How does Lasik work?

I will tell you how lasik works.  According to Mr. Welch, This is how Lasik works.  A person opens up the top of the eye.  But they donÕt cut it all the way.  Then they put lasers on your whole eye.  It should not take too long.  When they are done, they fold the top of the eye back on. After the surgery you can have a great life without glasses or contacts.                    

What problem did Lasik solve?

This is what problem Lasik solved.  According to Mr. Welch, The problem it solved was people could buy lasik and not have to worry about having glasses and contacts.  Some people who have glasses have really bad problems.  They drop them.  If they do not want to drop them anymore, buy Lasik.


File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 5.2What the problem did Lasik create?   According to Julia Layton, There is not much it created.  If you blink during the surgery, it will hurt your eye.  If you wanted to you can keep one eye shut and the other open.  If you close the WRONG eye, it can burn your eye and eyelid.  It is important to remember witch eye you should close.


Can Lasik create a problem?  According to Mary Bellis, if you want to create a problem when you are getting Lasik, you can, but it will hurt.  Some people will remind you to not to blink your eye.  If you have to blink during the surgery, you need to tell the person who is doing the surgery, ÒI need to blink me eye!Ó


Can Lasik be Fun?


Can Lasik be fun? When people are in the Lasik surgery, they might think it can be fun.  Others think it is so not fun.  According to Susan Ferraro, thereÕs a man named Tom Babich who can't see straight. Tom says, "I see double and triple images on top of each other in the right eye," whose trouble began in August when he had Lasik eye surgery to correct nearsightedness.  It might hurt if you keep moving around.  I think that Lasik would NOT be fun to me and other people.


Who invented Lasik?

  Luis A Ruiz invented Lasik.  According to Susan Ferraro, He invented it because people donÕt want to where glasses or contacts.  You can go in and get your eye(s) fixed.  After they are done you can enjoy a life without glasses or contacts.



If you liked reading my report, then you might want to get Lasik. (If you really want to get rid of your glasses or contacts.)