Robots are amazing!

By: super boy


Robots are amazing! LetŐs just say that a very weird man was going to throw a bomb into your yard. If you have a robot it could stop the man and save your life or maybe even call the police. You should read my report. My report will tell you what robots do, how they work, and who uses them.

How Robots work and do.

How Robots work and what they do will surprise you.  According to, robots do something that is too dangerous for a human.  For example, they find out if a bomb is lit and is going to blow up. Is a robot or a human safer? Sometimes robots go to mars and find out what mars is really like. Because if a human would die because it takes to long for a human. Unless it is a baby that went then when they would be an old man when the person got there.


This paragraph is about robots. According to Mr. Welch, robots are a machine that does dangerous jobs or too boring or maybe to long. If you build a robot and send it to another state the human that went there would be to lassie when he/she got there. 

This paragraph is about how Robots Work.  According to, the robot has a censer to drive cars for people or move big and heavy things. Or maybe do dangerous jobs. If you have a robot then you need to now what to do with it. If you donŐt then there is 36% that if you donŐt have a remote then it will do something bad to you like or hurt you.




Robots are really amazing. If you have housework or outside work then I have really good news for you!!!! Then you might not have to do any jobs if you have a robot or buy one!!!