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By Bangs


Have you ever wished that you wouldnŐt stumble into things at night when your trying to find out where on earth the flashlights are in a power out?  Or where the trash is so you can finish your job and go play video games?  Or maybe what that creepy sound is under your bed?  Well then maybe you should read my report, because thatŐs what my report is all about.  By the way, this picture is by


This is what night vision is and does

This is the part where you find out about what night vision is and does, (that way you donŐt get confused.)

According to, another way of saying night vision is saying NVD.  That stands for Night Vision Device.  According to Mr. Welch, hunters and hikers and sometimes even emergency people use it.  For example, sometimes hikers hike in the dark.  They use it so they donŐt step on a wrong ledge that would fall or other kinds of accidents.  Night Vision is a device that letŐs you see in the dark.  Some people think that all it does is see in the dark.  ThatŐs not all it does. According to, it has: one, high resolution, two, high gain, three, high photo response, four, near infrared, and five, light weight ( and

How the awesome NVDŐs work.  According to Mr. Welch, Night Vision works by using infrared light.  Infrared light is particles of light that we canŐt see but animals like cats can.  Infrared light is also there at night and Night Vision lets it so you can see the light.  Night Vision works with cameras, binoculars, and just plain old itself.  NVDŐs uses light to work.  Some specific parts of Night Vision are one, the things that get the infrared light so you can see it.  Two, the lens.  Three, the strap that you use to hold it.  The lens works differently for the type of Night Vision that you get, but on, it can magnify in eight times and I think that they can go one at a time.  To operate it, you simply turn it on and use it.  That is how they work.




The history of NVDs.  According to Mr. Welch, Night Vision sadly started out because of the war.  The soldiers were shooting each other in the dark because they couldnŐt tell which was the enemy.  So if you didnŐt know, the army invented it.  ItŐs also improved a bunch over time.  Like for example, Night Vision has grown smaller over the years.  Now, did you know, according to you can now zoom eight times the naked eye!!  Now thatŐs history for Night Vision.


When were Night Vision Goggles invented?  According to, Night Vision Goggles were invented in World War II.  

Why do firemen use the amazing NVDŐs?  According to Mr. Welch, sometimes they need Night Vision for special jobs.  Like rescue missions.  For example, if they need to save someone at night, and itŐs very dark, theyŐll need NVDŐs.  ThatŐs when they need them.

         Why is Night Vision so popular?  According to Mr. Welch, Night vision is so popular because the price goes down, and itŐs technology improves.  That just why night is way popular.


Why do hunters use it?  According to a student, hunters use it because they need to see at night so they donŐt shoot an animal that they arenŐt licensed for.  That is why you should wear a NVD if you are a hunter, and hunt at night.  This picture is by

         What technology does Night Vision work with?  It works with lots of things.  According to Jeff Tyson, the applications it works with are, military, law enforcement, hunting, wildlife observation, surveillance, security, navigation, and many, many others.  This picture is by



These are just so great questions that have been answered.  If you seek more, just go to some great websites like factmonster, or, Wikipedia, or others.  Then look it up.