By cool girl


Do you like Hannah Montana?  I do.  But sometimes, my TV is not very clear.  It is hard to see HannahÕs cute bracelets. If you want to know what work I left out of my title, then read my report. Have your parents ever wanted a clear TV?  THEN READ MY REPORT!!  This report is about what HDTV does, what it does, and a special surprise.

What HDTV is and does

       Hi my name is Emily Hanks today I will be talking about HDTV and what it does HDTV is a better TV then the normal it helpÕs your eyes I think HDTV is way better then the normal TV were you can get a better picture from HDTV. HDTV helps your eyes it doesnÕt hurt your eyes like the normal TV. I like HDTV I am so glad that they made HDTV it much better for your eyes much, much better then the normal TV Who likes the HDTV more then the normal TV?  I guess I do.

This paragraph is about the features of an HD-TV.

       These are some awesome features about the HD-TV,

HDTV stands for High definition television that means it is high definition like there is HDTV iPod that High definition iPod.     


A Little Surprise about HD

Did apple make an HD-iPod? According to Mr. Welch, Do you know if apple made an iPod that you can watch HDTV on? I know! Yes apple made an iPod that you can watch HDTV on your iPod so if your brother or sister is bugging you, you can watch HDTV on your iPod.




Did you like my report if you did tell me thanks you! For reading my report about HDTV.  Thank you!