A Nice money-saving piece OF TECHNOLOGY

By a student from China whose name is oil-electricity person just kidding my name is dingy dump Mr. WII man.


Once there was a cheap man and a rich man.  Mr. Scrooge, the cheap man, bought a hybrid, but why? The rich man, who hates to spend his money, bought a normal car. We’re all in terror now. To find out why, just read ahead. This report talks about the hybrid, like what it means, what it does, and a few surprises.

What does hybrid mean technically

Hybrid is two sources of power. According to Mr. Welch “two sources of power” It means two sources of power. Football is like a hybrid because you use two sources of power. Running power and catching or tackling power. And baseball it uses two sources of power. Like Running and hitting and catching. Cooking uses two sources of power. Like heat and pounding or cooking Etc. Learning is two sources of power. Like brain and listening power. In fact typing is a hybrid kind of. It uses your finger power and the keyboard power. There are a lot of things that are hybrid if I could name them all that would be a hybrid, brain and keyboard power YAY!!!!!! That is a fascinating fact about the hybrid        

This paragraph is about what hybrid cars do.  A hybrid car helps the environment by creating less pollution.  Also, by using half gas, half electricity it helps people save on gas money.  Would you rather spend $100 for a tank of gas, or would you rather buy food, presents, or clothes? Yes I would rather buy clothes food water, and a shelter over my head. Who would spend $100 just for gas, when a hybrid only costs like $50 a tank, which is cheap!!!! Mr. Welch would rather buy food, water, clothes, presents, computer and a roof over his head. Who would buy gas instead of necessities? That is what a hybrid does. They are so cool don’t you think, there the best. They sometimes die but still they are cool. They are not so expensive plus you save money on gas. That is how it works. So you basically save money. That is another fascinating fact about the hybrid   

Who knew?

This paragraph is about how the hybrid works. According to Layton Julia and Nice Karim “ The electric motor kicks in on the first 10 miles. Then the gasoline motor comes in. After like 40 miles, then the electric motor runs out. Then when you brake the electric motor comes back and it charges it” It works like 50 computers with all of turning them on and off. It is like a team of people working like a football team, you need a qb wr cb Rb etc just like the hybrid needs all of this stuff. The electric motor is the Rb the gasoline motor is the qb. It just goes on and on. This is called teamwork. So just don’t think that a team is teamwork. Because the hybrid car uses teamwork. That is how the hybrid works. That is really fascinating that the hybrid uses teamwork. Hey that is the theme this year YAY!!!!!!!!!! See now that is cool. That is a fascinating fact about the hybrid car


 Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

What a fascinating fact about hybrids. According to Mr. Welch “ That when you Brake it charges the electric motor” Well that is like running stopping it gets you more energy. When you walk and then run you keep energy. It is like a Bull stopping, it gets more energy to pulverize you. Like the reindeer they need to stop to get energy. It is like eating you store energy. You need energy like the hybrid needs electricity. One more thing, Did that surprise you. It surprised me. See you just don’t need energy cars need energy too. Like the hybrid it needs energy to go. Like if you have no energy then you can’t hike 5 miles. So if the hybrid doesn’t have the electricity then it can’t drive 5 miles. That is why Dr. Wouk invented the brakes that were when you brake that it charges it. So that was a really smart idea. So now you know a fascinating fact about the hybrid car.    


This paragraph has been turned into a story. I would want a kite for Christmas, because it is a hybrid remember… (HYBRID TWO SOURCES OF POWER). So really it helps because it is a hybrid. So don’t you think that is cool. But the coolest is that you can go say to your friends “I got a hybrid for Christmas” then your friends would say “ Give me a ride please”. But I would teach them a lesson. I would say “ A hybrid is not always a car Parker. Then parker said” Yes it is on all of the commercials it says come buy this hybrid it saves you gas money” Then I said back “ parker you don’t under stand the hybrid I didn’t get a car. “But it has to be” said parker. Then I screamed “ PARKER A HYBRID IS NOT ALWAYS A CAR” Then parker said “ O how prove to me that it is not always a car” Then I answered “ Okay then what type of hybrid did I get for Christmas” Then Parker screamed “ THEN WHAT DID YOU GET” Then I showed parker the kite and said “ there are a lot of hybrid one is a kite. That is another fascinating fact turned into a story of the hybrid.

I know that you didn’t know this. I think that you didn’t know this. The concept for the hybrid car goes back to 1889. I do not now the exact year for sure. But I Don’t think that they had electricity in that time. I know that they didn’t have gas. Do you think they had gas? Do you think they had electricity?  I think they had electricity, but I don’t know. For some strange reason they thought of making the hybrid car in 1800. Who would do that Dr. Wouk would. Yes he would do that it was kind of smart. Well because they have years to work on it. So Dr. Wouk is one of the smartest people of his time, because he thought of an environment saving car. That would soon help the world. See did that surprise you or what. Who would of thought that? I wouldn’t of thought of that. That is just crazy to think of it when you don’t have the stuff to make it. But then like One hundred years later the hybrid saves you money and Helps the environment. That is another fascinating fact about the hybrid. 


    I didn’t know this so I think you didn’t. Did you know what RESS means because I didn’t? Did you know that it means rechargeable energy storage system? That is a long meaning don’t you think. I like the work RESS more because it is a lot shorter then rechargeable energy storage system. See it is in abbreviations. Like, wr means wide receiver. Qb means quarter back. Cr means corner back.   


That is why Mr. scrooge bought a hybrid. Wouldn’t you buy a hybrid? That is also why Mr. scrooge is so nice, because of the jolly jolly hybrid.