History of the ipod

By the coolest boy in the world  


Do you like football?  Nike probably sells the most footballs.  Do you like music? Do you know who sells the most music players?  ItÕs not Nike!  IPod is one of the best sellers in the country and there are so many different kinds of them. If you want to know this, and what an iPod does, who uses it, and the history, then read my report.             

What does iPod do?                                                      

This is a paragraph about what an iPod does. Mr. Welch says that an iPod is part MP3 and it can play music, games and so much more than that it is awesome.

This is paragraph is about how iPod works.  An iPod has a touch wheel for a controller it is cool. The touch wheel moves to the touch of youÕre finger. Class  

Who uses it

Everyone in the world use is it is worldwide. Well a lot of people use it but not everyone. It is one of the best things on the earthman invited.


This is about the invention of an ipod. The iPod was invented in 2001.5gb in the first year of an ipod. Now there is 106gb it has in proved a lot yes it has.