I Wish I DonŐt Ever Get A Robot.

By super girl


Hello are you ready to learn about robots.  Well you wont unless you read my report.

What it is and does

This paragraph is about what a robot is. ÉA robot is a machine that does something that is too dangerous for a human. It   smarter to have a robot do dangerous things rather than a human. This report has how robots work and how Leonardo Da Vichy designs one.

What a robot doesÉ

According to google robots time line. Robots do dirty jobs, dangerous jobs,

And boring jobs like cleaning the house. An example of a dangerous job would be that someday robots would fight in wars with regular soldiers. Robots help humans on checking bombs.  They also help in many different things.  They also would help in doing choirs. What do robots do to help people? They help them by doing choirs and cooking maybe.  They sometimes help people in doing wars and maybe killing other robots. They also can help people doing shopping for them and carrying groceries                       in the house for them.   

  How it works.  


How the robots arms work.  The robot arms are like the humanŐs arms accept a different color maybe. The arms on robots move differently.  HumanŐs arms move if they want them to.  But, the robots move because you turned the Robot on.  

How the robots legs work. The robots legs work like a machine except better. The robots legs look just a little different then humans. The robots arms are just like the humans arms just maybe a different color. The arms on the robot move differently. Humans move when they want it too. Robots do it when its on.



How robots work at home.  Robots work at home and more . but, in this paragraph we are going to talk about Éhow they work at home. Have you seen irobot? Well I have and it is about robots who are good robots but then when a red light turns on they are bad. I donŐt know if that is true but, I do know they use a computer a lot like all of there lives.

How robots woke at wars. Robots are really good at fighting with each other or without. Robots can kill other robots or humans. Robots are made with a little device that can kill other things. Robots can.


This paragraph is about a man named Leonardo daVinci.  Mr. daVinci was famous for a lot of things. But did you know he designed a robot. Well now you do.  He did a robot designed on I think 1 or more. In like 1952.



See you later wait read this please. If you still like to learn about robots. Look down.





These are robots