Now you see me, now you donŐt!!!

By: the super power


Say you are in the army and you are shooting and you canŐt see were you are. So, you shoot all your teammates and all the bad people win. I will tell you in my report

What it is or does, how it works, and who uses it.


This paragraph is about what Night Vision is and does. According to Julia Laton Night Vision is a device that helps you see in the dark. Night Vision can catch infrared. When you look through night vision goggles you see green, orange, and red etc. This is a really good invention.


This paragraph tells about how Night Vision works. Infrared is what cats and dogs use to see in the dark, itŐs something that humans cannot pick up.


 ThereŐs also some problems that night vision solved. There was driving problems people would hit kids and other people. Night driving problems, also called night vision disturbances (NVDs), are common after refractive surgery. The cause of problems with vision at night range from residual refractive errors to a small, or misplaced optical zone (resulting in GASH), to an uneven corneal surface (irregular astigmatism). Night vision problems after refractive surgery range from mildly annoying, but fully functional vision, to an inability to function at night



A lot of people use night vision some very important people. People like military, army and other very important people. Some people say that night vision is one of the greatest inventions in the world because of all the things it does. I think that is a really good device. O.k. People these goggles let you see in the dark why not buy it for like 100 dollars its not that much and it lets you see in the dark. Some people recommend that you use night vision I think people should use it.