Wi-fi the wireless way to the Internet

By HolT3772


What if some crazy old guy pulls up in a car with a laptop. He probably is trying to use your Wi-fi. And he is trying to get your social security number or print your driver license and change the picture. My paragraph has what Wi-fi is and goes how wi-fi helps people.              

What wi-fi is and does

What is wi-fi?  According to Tracy Wilson, Wi-fi is something that helps you connect to the Internet.

What does wi-fi do? According to my dad, Wi-fi connects your computer to the Internet with out wires.

What wi-fi stands for? According to Mr. Welch, Wi-fi stands for wire less fidelity

How does wi-fi help people? Wi-fi makes it so people donŐt have to deal with all the wires getting tangled up. 

How can wi-fi help people? It does not need cords or wires.  

 How Wi-fi helps people.

How wi-fi helps.  It helps people connect to the Internet.

Is wi-fi good or bad? According to Mr. Welch, it can be bad because if you donŐt have password your neighbors can use your wi-fi. So get a password.  Some times wi-fi is bad and some times it is good. The good is that you donŐt have to deal with the wires. The bad is that if you donŐt have password your neighbor can use your wi-fi.