This hybrid car

 Will surprise you!


By Lavvy


Have you ever wanted a car that would save money? For example, have you seen the gas prices, lately?  They just go higher and higher.  Well, this report is going to tell you about the awesome, the amazing hybrid car! Do you want to know some other amazing things about the hybrid car? Well do you? Well if the answer is yes then just read the rest of this report, and some things might surprise you. Well, letŐs just see and I hope you have a great time reading my report. This report is going to tell you what it does, what the word hybrid mean and what a hybrid car can do. Hope you like my report.

What it is and does.

This paragraph is about what hybrid car does. 

Hybrid cars are awesome cars it doesnŐt do so much population as much as other cars do. According to Mr. Welch they also use less money for a gallon it is $3.23. it is a real awesome car. It also kind of has two engines it a pretty cool car. And it uses gas and electricity.   

This paragraph is about what does the word ŇhybridÓ mean? According to Mr. Welch The word hybrid means joining two sources together this might be funny but anyway if you join milk and cereal together it is like joining two sources together but if you have no milk and just cereal you will not have two sources but if you add milk you just joined two sources together like in a hybrid car. They are really cool cars but they are pretty expensive.   

This paragraph is about what a hybrid car can do.

 Hybrid cars can do so many cool cool things like it can go really fast and it is an awesome car. A hybrid car can go 20 or 30 miles per gallon. The hybrid car does less pollution because it gets better mileage. Hybrid cars are very very cool and awesome and I wish I had one but they are really expensive.


Did it surprise you a little bit? I hope it did. And I especially hope you have learned a few things from my report. And I hope you liked it. Now you know what amazing things a hybrid can do and I hope you had a fun time and learned so many things from my report.