The Most Amazing Indescribable HDTV

By Gymnast


 Hay people are you tired of watching your old TV that is sometimes blurry. But did you know that there is such thing as a TV that is so clear that you feel that you are there. It is so amazing. This cost of the first HDTV cost.

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What HDTV is and does.

This paragraph is about what HDTV is. According to Mr. Welch, HDTV stands for High-definition Television. HDTV is the best television screen in the world. HDTV has lots and lots of dots. HDTV is a flat screen TV.

 This paragraph is about what HDTV does. According to Mary Bellis, it shows people what TV would look like if something was High-definition. It is so cool how it looks. I love my HDTV.

 This paragraph is about what HDTV is. According to Wikipidia, HDTV is a motivated television. HDTV is the best clear, clean picture. It is so so so amazing. I love HDTV.  

About HDTV.

Who uses HDTV? According to Mary Bellis, Humans use HDTV, and they Love it. They love how clear it is. It is amazing.  

How many pixels does HDTV have? According to Mr. Welch, HDTV has so many pixels it makes a beautiful picture. HDTV has 2,473,600 pixels.

What does HDTV look like? According to Wikipidia, HDTV looks like a flat screen TV. It is so clear and clean. I love HDTV, it is the best.

What kind of electronics does it use? According to Mary Bellis HDTV uses a screen and a motor and plugs and a remote.

What is the smallest HDTV? According to the amazing world of HDTV, The 7-inch HDTV is the smallest HDTV. Cool huh.

 More about HDTV.

How big is the biggest HDTV? According to Wikipidia, The biggest HDTV is the Miami Dolphins stadium big screen. It is 720-inches, it is huge. It looks so, so, so cool. 

Is there a HDTV bigger than 32 inches? According to Mary Bellis, YES! There is a HDTV bigger than 32-inches there is a 720-inch HDTV. The TV is so cool and big.

What was the cost of the first HDTV? According to Mary Bellis the cost of the first HDTV was $1,999. But people would only buy them for $1,599. So they dropped the price to $1,599. So a lot of people started buying them.   


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